Jan 10, 2011

What Are the Different Uses of Silk fabrics

Silk fabric is one of the most amazing things that we obtain directly from the nature. Since the time immemorial, different varieties of silk fabrics have been used by talented designers to serve for a number of purposes. Due to the superior quality and unusual luster, silk fabric is rightly counted among the most sought-after materials for the textile industry.

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One of the most popular uses of raw silk fabrics is their use for making attractive designer dresses for women. Silk gowns are not only popular among women from the class of celebrities; these dresses are equally desired by common women. One good aspect of these dresses is that they are comfortable to wear during summers as well as winters.

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Just like women, men too are attracted towards the soft and shinning varieties of silk fabrics. One can find a huge variety of men’s shirts made from silk at various men’s clothing stores. These shirts are designed in different colors and are among the bestselling products in their category.

Silk is widely used for designing bedding items like bed sheets, linens, blankets and pillow covers. These items add a great worth to one’s bedroom and let the people have the feeling of using luxurious bedding items. Likewise, one can find a huge variety of silk curtains in the market. These curtains are preferred in the bedrooms as well as living rooms to enhance the overall look of the place. Other home furnishing items like cushion covers and table clothes too are popular among homeowners who are deeply in love with silk fabrics.

Silk is known to have natural healing properties, especially for burn injuries. This is the reasons that silk fabric is popular as a material for medical textiles. These items are recommended for the burn patients to feel comfortable and they also contribute towards natural healing.

Finally, raw silk fabrics are popular for designing innerwear, especially the range of women lingerie. These are purchased by married couples to add spiciness to their intimate moments. Night gowns made from silk for women as well as men too are popular in this direction. The only concerning aspect regarding silk fabrics is that it requires a great deal of care. You must learn the right tips to clean the silk clothes to keep them in good form for long.

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