Jul 30, 2012

Home Furniture – How Furniture Material Counts for Your Buyers

Buying home furniture is a big investment for the homeowners. Apart from achieving good functionality, an important aim of the buyers is to make the home look attractive with the right kind of furniture. Needless to say, the material of various furniture items plays an important role for them to make the best choice.

As the owner of a store selling modular home furniture, you must take into account various furniture materials to offer different varieties of items. For this, you must know about the things that buyers count in choosing the right materials and fabric for furniture. Here are some important tips.

Modular Furniture

Base Material
Style, durability and longevity are among the most important factors that the buyers consider when choosing the best base material. Items made in different varieties of wood are not only stylish but also have long-lasting appeal. Iron furniture items are durable, but appeal less number of buyers for being heavyweight. However, wrought iron furniture items are quite popular for their intricate and artistic patterns and rustic charm. Buyers are also getting attracted towards plastic furniture items like chairs and tables because of their light weight and versatility.

While choosing the furniture for home gardens and outdoor areas like patios and decks, homeowners prefer materials that are coated with weather-resistant coatings. It is one of the most important factors you must keep in mind while purchasing items from manufacturers and suppliers.

Designer Modular Furniture

Fabric Materials
Leather has been among the most important fabric materials for home furniture items. However, different synthetic fibers have become popular in the recent times. These include micro fiber, polyester, nylon, rayon and acrylic. The important factors taken into account for these materials include thread count and color. Durability of the fabric is also a significant consideration for the buyers. As there is no limit to the designs and patterns in which these materials can be used to manufacture wonderful items, you must offer a huge variety to attract more number of customers.

Stylish Home Modular Furniture

Remember that price of the home furniture items also matters for buyers with different budgets in hand. Obtaining items in different varieties and within different price ranges can help you entertain your customers.
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Jul 27, 2012

Stone Jewelry: An Eternal Beauty

Stone jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a lifetime. They have always been an integral part of the Indian tradition. The components of such jewelries constitute precious and semi-precious stones embedded in the traditional gold, silver, diamond and even platinum. to make a perfect look of jewellery design. There has been a significant increase in the global awareness of the economic potential of jewelry and gemstones in the recent past. This has accelerated the rate of production in this sector and intensified the demand for the gemstones producing countries.

Women Stones Jewelry

The Industry:- The organized sector of the gems and jewelry industry in India is estimated to grow at 40 per cent per annum to US$ 2.2 billion by 2010. The financial year 2009-10, as per the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council's (GJEPC), showcased an upward movement in its efforts to spread trading relations and widen its markets. Gold Souk, the jewelry mall developer, in its effort to enhance the market strategy, has planned a sprawling gems and jewelry special economic zone (SEZ) spread across 40 acres with an investment of US$ 441.1 million. A total net imports of gems and jewelry in April 2009- March 2010, touched US$ 27.49 billion (app) taking the growth to the tune of US$ 19.9 million over corresponding month in the previous year, according to the GJEPC.

Latest Women Stones Jewelry

The Structure And The Suppliers:

  • India has achieved a sustainable growth in this particular sector, as a prominent international source for high quality designer (precious and semi precious) stone jewelry.
  • Based out of certain prominent states, spread across the North, West and East, production facilities owned by local as well as National brands have proved to accelerate the Indian stone jewelry sector, which is primarily an unorganized one.
  • The primal strengths of these units are their state-of-art technologies and the skilled craftsmen.
  • Some of the major and domestic suppliers in this division are:-
  • Shrenuj & Company Ltd.
  • Kerala-based jeweler Malabar Gold.
  • Gitanjali Gems Ltd.
  • Many other domestic players spread across the country are trading in these jewelries and fast growing to make an international presence.

Designer Women Stones Jewelry

Overview:- India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry. She takes pride in being the diamond polishing capital of the world. India has evolved in being a major force in the global Gems and Jewelry business on the basis of the following strengths:
  • Availability of highly skilled and low-cost labor
  • Established manufacturing excellence in jewelry (both with and without stones) and diamond polishing
  • Most technologically advanced diamond cutting center in the world ·
  • Harnesses the opportunity to address the global market
Conclusion:- Apart from the beauty and legacy associated with the stone jewelries, the gems are of great curative value too. The ancient scientific scriptures stand tall in finding relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. The color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), goes on to explain the presence of cosmic rays in various wavelengths (colors), giving rise to unique affects on the health of our mind and body.
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Buy Exquisite Varieties of Ladies Shoes, Sandals and Boots

Shoes are one of the most important accessories that makes an outfit complete. The wardrobe of a woman must include different types of shoes to compliment various outfits. An assortment of ladies shoes, sandals and boots can be bought at realistic rates from many of the online stores easily. It is easy to shop for different varieties of shoes online as you can find more than a hundred varieties in one place.

Beautiful Variety of Ladies Shoes, Sandals and Boots

Ladies shoes, sandals and other types of footwear are known to enhance the appearance of a woman. Each type of ladies footwear has its significance and can be worn with particular outfits. Some of the most commonly used shoes by women are as follows:
  • Heels: heel shoes are available in different types which include various styles and heights. The stilettos, pumps and chunky heels are some of the most common types of heels. Stilettos have pointed toes and very high heels which are quite narrow. These heels are more than four inches in height. Pump heels have pointed or rounded toe. It has a tapered heel which is two to three inches high. The chunky heels are comfortable to wear compared to narrow heels.
  • Another type of heels is the wedge heels which supports the whole shoe with its solid heels. The stacked heels are shoes which are sewn with layers of material.
  • Flats: among ladies shoes, sandals and flats, the most comfortable footwear includes the flats as it is quite versatile and can compliment any type of outfit. These are a type of shoes without any heels. It can be worn with casuals and formals such as trousers. It blends well with outfits such as jeans, skirts and Capri.
  • Shoes made of leather: ladies shoes, sandals made of leather are also available in the online stores. Beautifully handcrafted shoes made of leather can be bought at affordable rates. These leather shoes are available in different colors and designs. Some of the finest leathers of goat, cow and buffalo are used for manufacturing these shoes.
  • Sandals: ladies footwear also includes lovely and exquisite sandals of various designs and colors. Usually sandals have flat heels but some of them have high heels. It is an ideal wear with formals and casuals.

Apart from the above mentioned ladies shoes, sandals and flats, there are trendy boots which add a touch of elegance and poise. Different types of boots are available in the online markets. Boots are available in different styles which include knee high and thigh high boots. The knee high boots made of black leather are quite impressive and considered an important accessory in any woman’s wardrobe.

The Kolhapuri slippers are one of the finest quality slippers made from pure leather. These slippers are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit any Indian outfit.

The ladies Cort shoes are yet another elegant and priceless variety of shoes which prove to be charm personified. Available in different colors and prices, these shoes along with many other varieties are available in the online markets.
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Jul 25, 2012

Top Office Automation Products that Increase Work Productivity

Automation is the key to success and it is evident from the ever-increasing presence of automatic tools and machines all around. At various types of offices, the office automation products not only reduce paperwork, but also help in saving time, money and manual efforts.

If you have a firm, agency or corporate house, you have to rely on these products for increased efficiency and productivity. At the same time, if you are interested in selling them, you will never find decline in the demand for these products. Here are some examples of the most popular office automation products.

Office Automation Products

Calculators and Computers
Performing calculations is fast and error-free when done with the help of calculators and computers. The computers can also be used for the purpose of storing information that eliminates the need to maintain huge piles of paper files and folders. These office automation products are usually require din high quantities.

Fax Machines
Communication is one of the key aspects of office work. Transfer of important documents at fast speed is possible with fax machines. These office automation products discard the need of postal communication.

Printers and Scanners
Printing is a process which is inseparable from the office work. A variety of printers like inkjet printers, offset printers and laser printers are popular as office automation products. Likewise, scanners are required to obtain inputs from the available sources and modify them according to the needs.

Office Automation Products & Supplies

Another popular category of office automation products is that of photocopiers. Digital photocopiers are in great demand for obtaining quality outputs, both for black and white and colored inputs. Copying of documents that was earlier done manually can be performed with these machines in no time.

Lamination and Binding Machines
The protection of important office documents is very important and it can be handled with the help of laminating machines. Moreover, these automation products can help in enhancing the office presentations. Organization of office documents is fast, easy and clean with the help of binding machines that are available in different types.

Office Automation Equipments

Obtaining these products directly from the manufacturers or reputed suppliers is possible with the help of online business directories. These online destinations can help you obtain these products in bulk at genuine prices.

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Jul 16, 2012

Why is Semi Precious Stone Jewellery So Popular?

Stone JewelleryJewellery and gemstones have been the objects of fascination since decades. The use of jewellery can be traced back to the early Egyptian civilization. Apart from precious stones, the semi precious stone jewellery is also one of the most craved jewelleries in the world.

Also known as gemstones, these stones are being used in jewellery, for decorative purposes and certain medicinal values. There are many gemstones which have unique health benefits and known to bring prosperity and wealth.

Semi Precious Stone Jewellery- Priceless Gemstones

Different types of semi precious stone jewellery are made with the use of different types of stones such as Agate, pearl, Amethyst, Coral, Opal, Topaz and so forth. There are more than hundred different types of gemstones which are semi-precious but yet exquisite. Most of these stones are popular and considered unique as it is rare.

Gemstones can be obtained from natural elements such as stones and minerals. It can also be created artificially in scientific laboratories. These fake stones appear similar to the original stones but can be differentiated by experts.

The use of semi precious stone jewellery is quite popular among both men and women. There are millions of buyers and sellers all over the world who crave these jewelleries. Various types of jewellery, which include beautiful and priceless necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and anklets, are made with exquisite gemstones.

Precious Stone Jewellery

The semi precious stone jewellery is priced according to the rarity of the stone. Though it may not be as expensive as the original stone jewelleries, today it has its own unique value. Most of these stone are hard compared to the precious stones and so do not break easily. The clarity and color of these stones are equally important. Stones with gas bubbles should not be bought as these are fake stones.

The price of the semi precious stone jewellery also depends on the way light passes through it. The purity of the stone is determined by the way light passes through the gemstones.

Gemstone earring and pendants are some of the most elegant and distinguished varieties of jewellery found in many of the leading jewellery stores. These stones are also used to manufacture custom jewellery and wedding jewelleries.

Semi precious stone jewellery is flaunted by women in most of the occasions such as weddings, social events and parties. As these jewels compliment well different types of outfit, it can be worn to accentuate the appearance of an outfit and the wearer.

Gemstones such as aquamarine and opals are distinctive with its incomparable beauty and glow. Opal jewellery is one of the most attractive and exclusive varieties of jewellery. Opal is known to change its color when exposed to light in different angles. Stone jewellery made from aquamarine is known to blend with all skin types. It is also known to possess a number of healing qualities.

With the rise in popularity of the semi precious stone jewellery, many innovative designs and patterns have been incorporated to the existing jewellery patterns. In addition to its magnificence, the gemstones are also known to possess various enigmatic powers.
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The Ultimate Fashion Attire for Woman

Fashion accessories help to accentuate the appearance of a woman. It can include fashionable handbags, jewelleries, sandals, foot wears and so forth. It helps to complete the look of a woman. In addition to accessories, a woman requires the right kind of attire to appear her best. Sarees are one among the different attires that a woman adorns which enhances her appearance.

The history of sarees dates back to several thousand years. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated wear that suits women of all ages and body types. It is not just the Indian women but women all over the world love to drape this particular attire. It is worn differently by women of different cultures and races in different states.

Indian Women Sarees

Various Types of Sarees

Sari is a long piece of cloth that is draped around the body. It includes a pallu and is worn with a blouse. It is around 5 to 6 meters long and its length varies according to the way it is draped. The pallu is a part of the sari that is richly decorated with embroideries or embellishments. It is the centre of attraction of the sari. In some states, women wear it in front whereas in the south it falls behind the shoulders.

Modern Designs for Women Sarees

There are various types of sarees and some of the most commonly used among them include:
  • Banarasi saris: one of the most popular and expensive saris include the Banarasi sarees which found its origin in the city of Varanasi. Made in pure gold thread, the patterns which are hand woven on to the saris are mostly pictures of temples and flowers. These silk saris are light weighted and worn by the brides of north eastern India.
  • Kanjevaram saris: another elegant and expensive sari includes the Kanjevaram sarees popularly found in the South of India. It is made of pure silk and is heavy at the borders though the sari is light. It has beautiful and elegant patterns on the pallus and borders which makes it so popular among the south Indian brides. It has designs of temples and paintings and is done in bright and contrasting colors.
  • Bengal cotton saris: the cotton sarees from Bengal are another notable variety of saris adored by women. It is light and crisp which makes it suitable for all occasions. It is equally comfortable to wear and can be carried easily.

Designer Women Sarees

Other Types of Sarees

There are many other varieties of saris including Bandhej saris from Rajasthan, Paithani saris from Maharashtra which is famous for its peacock designs and so forth. Designer saris have captured the hearts of millions of women. These costly and colourful saris are apt for functions like weddings and social gatherings. Today most of the women prefer to wear designer saris with contemporary designs and fabrics.

In addition to saris, other accessories flaunted by women include beautiful sandals and footwear. These include high heeled footwear, flat heeled, stiletto, bump heels and so forth.

All fashion accessories can be bought online from the suppliers listed in the business portals at affordable rates.
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