Jan 31, 2011

Pros and Cons of Globalization on Indian B2B Market

When the Indian government opened the country's markets to foreign investments in the early 1990s, it had a vibrant globalization effect on Indian economy. Various segments like steel, BPO, pharmaceutical, chemicals, textiles and petroleum saw a positive growth with globalization.

As the trade restrictions between nations were removed, the economies of the various countries were benefited by a smooth financial flow and increased corporate investments. Globalization has resulted in great progress in the field of technology especially in communications and transport. The economic policy changes resulted in greater foreign investments in the country, which saw revolutionary changes in BPO sectors and It industry especially. Many foreign companies set up industries in India, which provided lot of employment opportunities and growth prospects as well. The Indian industry became technologically more advanced due to globalization and had an overwhelming presence in the world market.

Globalization has provided an impetus on the industry and trade in India. With an increase in free trade, the wealth and cooperation between various countries have increased, which has ensured better trust and mutual confidence. The free trade zones, reduction of capital controls and standardization of intellectual property laws are some of the advantages of globalization.

However, globalization has its share of negative effects as well. The increased competition in the Indian market between the foreign companies and domestic companies put many Indian companies in jeopardy as the consumers opted for high quality foreign products. This reduced the profit of Indian companies and some of the sectors that bore the brunt of globalization include pharmaceuticals, chemicals and steel industries among others. The technological advancements brought by globalization reduced the dependency of manpower and many people were rendered jobless by globalization.

Thus India has had both positive and negative effects of globalization and the government should make sure that the globalization brings in more prosperity and advancement without causing any harm to its traditional industries and its work force.

B2B market places are great platforms to know the latest trends in globalization and to meet the manufacturers and suppliers of various commodities in the global trading scenario

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Jan 27, 2011

How do SME's Get Exposure to Online Media

SMEs are greatly benefited by the exposure in the online media and social sites. The small and medium business entities that lack manpower and resources can make use of the online publicity to build up the brand image and push up their sales figures quite effectively. This is one of the most exciting and cost effective methods of business promotional tools in recent times. As the big businesses rely on their good will and the conventional marketing techniques, the small and medium companies are offered a distinct advantage in making use of the potential of the online medium.

Online marketing is quick and transparent and is very effective in building up the brand image and sales. Through online media, business entities can indulge in cross selling and up selling without being aggressive and pushy. Building online brand is far cheaper and quicker than conventional brand building. Online marketing is the best option to connect with the target customers and ensures one of the most extensive coverage.

Blogs, Youtube videos, podcasts are some of the best options to channel the traffic and to build up the brand image. SME's can also use online media for test launching products and to understand the marketing trends of the competitors at a low cost. SMS can deliver products and services to their customers in real time and the best part is that it enables the seller to offer the right products that are relevant to the user’s behavior. Online marketing is one 24x7 unless traditional marketing that is interrupted by the leave days or holidays of the marketing professionals.

Online marketing is of great use for the SMEs to dispose off the old stock and to procure bulk online orders. Selling and buying products online is catching up the trend of customers online and SME are greatly benefited by these behavioral patterns of its customers. The biggest advantage for SMEs is that the digital environment provides a lot more options that conventional marketing cannot offer and this is what makes it a popular option.

Online B2B portals are ideal platforms for the SMEs to get a hang of the latest marketing trends and brand building techniques.
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Jan 24, 2011

Import and Export Trade Leads for Global Recognition

import export trade leads

Participating in the exciting as well as fast paced international import and export business is certainly a major challenge for most of the entrepreneurs. Success in the fiercely competitive international market requires understanding the import and export trade leads as well as their correct documentation. Global recognition can only be achieved through successful international marketing operations.

Import and Export is not Easy
Import and export does not mean just loading a shipment or contracting the sea freight services. It involves much more. Correctly completed international import and export documentation is essential for any entrepreneur. Besides the international laws for such transportation of goods, it is also necessary realizing the legal requirements of both source and destination countries. Leads in the field can help the process considerably.

Import Export Business Directories
Use of import and export business directories can help improve the business substantially. One of the reasons is that such directories contain valuable information about international trade leads or links to websites that have such leads. Multiple businesses are there selling numerous products and services online globally. When an entrepreneur submits his website to such directories, they get valuable links to such other sites dealing on identical products and services.

International Trade Leads for Import and Export
Trade leads are usually designed to match the existing importers and exporters. Producers are not limited to national or local boundaries in international market. Searches through various search engines and finally getting in touch with concerned entrepreneurs involves the process of import and export trade leads.

Basis of initialization of trade between two bodies constitute the essence of trade leads. They are generated by multiple different marketing campaigns or numerous divergent sources. Such sources can be mailings, fairs, phones, trade markets, and database marketing as well as websites. Entrepreneurs can also use Google Ad Words, Ads in trade publications, as well as membership in direct marketing associations as viable options for local or international trade leads.

Trade Leads for Small Business
Small business can substantially benefit from use of such leads whether at the local or international level. Qualitative and professional lead generation channel can help such entrepreneurs in business promotion quite effectively. Good news for such small and medium business entrepreneurs is that they can also be contracted through email.

B2B Trade Leads and Trade Offers
Over the years import and export trade leads have been one of the key factors in survival of the B2B companies. That is why such companies have spent billions of dollars in just finding out the leads and they do everything to keep their sales funnels filled out with such leads. It becomes easier for the entrepreneur choosing the right counterpart with such trade leads. Trade offers are usually proposed for economic as well as profitable deals. Associated with substantial discounts and allowances they make efficient tools of sales promotion so as to attract better offers. In both export and import, smooth deals are negotiated effectively with such leads made available.

Import and export are both integral parts of successful international marketing campaign and can give desired global recognition to an enterprise. In such cases the pertinence of getting effective leads becomes more pronounced.
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Jan 10, 2011

How to Flaunt in Designer Sarees in a Party

Designer Indian sarees can be your best bets to outshine other women and to become the center of attraction in a party. Women who are not content with the traditional saree designs can easily choose designer sarees as the perfect party wear. These attractive outfits allow the women to flaunt their beauty and charisma in the best possible manner.

Designer sarees are crafted by the skilled designers who are best at fusing the ethnic clothing styles with the modern style. You can purchase them from various online stores after exploring various designs. At the same time, you must learn how to make most out of wearing designer Indian sarees in a party.

indian designer sarees
designer fashion sarees

First of all, you must choose a designer saree that suits your own style and personality. You can make the choice among different colors and patterns. There are embroidered designer sarees as well as those embellished with stones, mirrors, sequins, beads and other such items. It is a good idea to choose a designer saree according to the occasion on which you will wear it. The stores usually have different collections of designer Indian sarees for the occasions like wedding and formal parties and festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

Apart from buying a beautiful designer saree, it is important to choose a designer blouse as well. There are many amazing designs of blouses in the market that add to the beauty and appeal of the designer Indian sarees. There are many trendy blouse designs like those with noodle straps and halter necks. Backless blouses and sleeveless blouses too are popular and fashionable styles that add worth to the designer sarees.

Designer sarees must be worn with complementary designer and fashionable jewelry to grab maximum attention. Sterling silver jewelry and platinum jewelry, for example, are the ideal accessories often paired with these sarees. Other fashion accessories like designer sandals and designer bags can complete the picture of elegant feminine looks.

Wearing designer Indian sarees is an art and you must learn it to have a wonderful experience with these outfits. The pleats must be made in the right way and the pallu must have the right length. Taking care of all these things while wearing designer sarees should help you win some of the best compliments of your life.
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What Are the Different Uses of Silk fabrics

Silk fabric is one of the most amazing things that we obtain directly from the nature. Since the time immemorial, different varieties of silk fabrics have been used by talented designers to serve for a number of purposes. Due to the superior quality and unusual luster, silk fabric is rightly counted among the most sought-after materials for the textile industry.

silk fabrics

One of the most popular uses of raw silk fabrics is their use for making attractive designer dresses for women. Silk gowns are not only popular among women from the class of celebrities; these dresses are equally desired by common women. One good aspect of these dresses is that they are comfortable to wear during summers as well as winters.

silk fabrics business

Just like women, men too are attracted towards the soft and shinning varieties of silk fabrics. One can find a huge variety of men’s shirts made from silk at various men’s clothing stores. These shirts are designed in different colors and are among the bestselling products in their category.

Silk is widely used for designing bedding items like bed sheets, linens, blankets and pillow covers. These items add a great worth to one’s bedroom and let the people have the feeling of using luxurious bedding items. Likewise, one can find a huge variety of silk curtains in the market. These curtains are preferred in the bedrooms as well as living rooms to enhance the overall look of the place. Other home furnishing items like cushion covers and table clothes too are popular among homeowners who are deeply in love with silk fabrics.

Silk is known to have natural healing properties, especially for burn injuries. This is the reasons that silk fabric is popular as a material for medical textiles. These items are recommended for the burn patients to feel comfortable and they also contribute towards natural healing.

Finally, raw silk fabrics are popular for designing innerwear, especially the range of women lingerie. These are purchased by married couples to add spiciness to their intimate moments. Night gowns made from silk for women as well as men too are popular in this direction. The only concerning aspect regarding silk fabrics is that it requires a great deal of care. You must learn the right tips to clean the silk clothes to keep them in good form for long.
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Jan 6, 2011

An Overview of Small and Medium Enterprises in 2010

small and medium enterprises
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are at par with the big enterprises to drive an economy – this fact has been re-confirmed in the year 2010. The year 2010 was an acid test for the world’s economies, as it was the year for the world to move out of the period of global recession. Needless to say, the SMEs were fast to show recovery and stand back on their feet.

The countries like India, China and Saudi Arabia witnessed the progress further in the sector of small and medium enterprises. This has ensured that these countries are making their way to the top positions in the global economic environment. The sector has continuously tried to face different challenges and find solutions to overpower them on the path of progress.

Finance and credit, for example, have been the biggest challenges for the SME sector in the developing countries. However, the governments in these countries came up with strong plans to aid these enterprises financially. Financial planning for these enterprises has improved and so has the budgeting capabilities of the owners of these firms.

Technology has taken few steps ahead to support the growth of small and medium enterprises in the year 2010. Improved machinery and growing importance of information technology has helped these enterprises to improve their working efficiency as well as production output. Moreover, the boost in technology has enabled the SMEs to try innovative ideas to improve their growth rate.

The small and medium enterprises have also improved on the ways to advertise themselves, not only at the national but at the international level as well. Online business to business directories have emerged as the powerful mediums for SMEs in one country to find potential buyers and importers from other countries. Social media websites too have become the proficient ways for these enterprises to promote their products and services. Most importantly, these mediums of advertising are cost-effective solutions for these enterprises with limited budgets to spend in this direction.

There are many industries in which the small and medium enterprises have progressed in 2010. For example, the textile and apparel industry, pharmaceutical industry and automobile component industry in India have witnessed the growth of SMEs in past few months. The year 2010 can be called a stepping stone for these enterprises to grow and attain the targets they aim at.

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Jan 3, 2011

Some Amazing Features of Dual SIM Card Mobile Phones

dual sim mobile phonesDual SIM card mobile phones have a count among the most admirable inventions in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. These phones serve as great solutions for the people who are in need of carrying two mobile connections. As the name suggests, these phones allow their targeted customers to lead a dual life successfully.

From the first mobile phone with dual SIM card facility to the latest models in this direction, there have been many improvements. The top mobile phone manufacturers are making the attempts to enhance the functionality of these phones by improving their features.

Among the most amazing features of dual SIM card mobile phones are the advantages that these phones offer. By having one of these phones, one can eliminate the need of carrying two mobile phones. Business people are among the mobile users who are making best out of these devices. They use one SIM card to remain connected to their friends and family and the second one to communicate with their business clients.

Roaming charges can be significantly reduced with the help of dual SIM card mobile phones. This is because one can buy a separate SIM card while being on a tour to some other state or country and use it along with the regular SIM card to avoid unnecessary roaming charges. One can use these phones to simultaneously send messages form one SIM card and to call from the second one.

The latest models of mobile phones with dual SIM functionality allow the users to switch from one SIM to another without switching off the phones. The earlier models required one to switch off the phone to transit form one SIM card to another. This clearly indicates the improvements being made in the design of dual SIM card mobile phones.

The earlier phone models with dual SIM card features had a bulkier design to accommodate additional circuitry for two SIM cards. However, the new models have managed to eliminate this drawback as they contain components with reduced size. As a result, these phones too are coming in good shape like the phones with single SIM card.

Battery life has always been an issue with the dual SIM card mobile phones. As a result, the manufacturers are coming up with better battery capacities for these phones so that they support the usage of dual SIM cards efficiently. All these improvements are expected to contribute towards growing popularity of these highly useful phones.
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