Sep 29, 2010

Electrical Products And Accessories: A Brief Introduction

Electrical ProductsElectrical products and accessories include the various electric articles which help in facilitating the working of other major electric appliances and products. Thus, these products together, actually play a vital role in each and every electronic product, no matter how big or small. Cable joint kit, connectors, junction box etc. all are a part of the electronic accessories. Discussed here are few electrical gadgets and accessories. Have a look:

Electric Circuit Connectors
Electric circuit connectors are the small connectors used for joining different kinds of electronic circuits. These can be used for temporary as well as permanent electric attachments.

Electric Insulators
Electric insulators refer to the element which blocks the flow of electric current around it. These are basically used for insulating electric conductors amongst one another to restrict electric currents within specified pathways. These are popularly used in electric switch gears, insulation of wires and electric components.

Electric Switches
Electric switches refer to the mechanical or electric instrument which facilitates the breaking or changing of connections in an electronic circuit. Now-a-days electric switches are available in a number of innovative designs and styles.

Junction Boxes
Junction boxes are the containers used for covering electrical connections. These also prevent deter tampering and safeguard the open connections from rain, etc. One can even get them custom made as per the required terminals for joining.

ACSR Conductor
Aluminum clad steel reinforced core or ACSR conductors are generally used for overhead power distribution. Places where it is difficult to set in underground wires, ACSR conductors are used as worthy alternatives. It is relatively easy to install them in various geographical terrains like forests, hills or sea coasts.

Lamp Poles
Lamp poles and lamp shades form an integral part of the electrical accessories. These are the structural frames on which the light bulbs are fitted for utility as well as decorative purposes. The designs are thus, crafted in tandem with the latest trends and fashion. Also, the electric accessories manufacturers constantly work towards innovating better utility products for the customers.

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Sep 28, 2010

The Essentials of Starting a Small Business

Small BusinessPeople often tend to set up small businesses after retirement for a regular source of income in the dusk of their lives. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs start small with their enterprises and then bloom it up slowly and steady into a bigger firm. Though, there are certain cardinal pointers which one should follow to start up a successful business. Mentioned here are few suggestions which can help in setting up a small business while simultaneously minimizing the risks associated with it.

Starting Small Is Wise
It is always wise to start up a business with small capital. No matter how much money you have at your disposal, but start by investing a small amount as gambling with huge amounts can be too risky.

Have a Job to Lean Back
As a first timer in business, the safest bet is to have a secure job in hand so that if the business does not work out, you have a regular supply of money as a financial back up thorough your job. Also if you plan to start a business after your retirement, it rather wise to start it few years before the retirement for, the business would be would be up and running by the time you actually retire.

Prior Industry Research
Try to grasp as much as you can about the industry you are getting into as it would obviously help in broadening your mental horizons and understanding the business better. Get to know the ins and outs of the industry and brace yourself to dive into the business world.

Proper Filing of Documents is Necessary
It is rather essential to put the documents separately for personal expenses and business expenses so as to track them conveniently when required. Same should be followed for income files as well.

Have an Eager-Beaver Attitude
At the start of every business one needs to put in extra efforts to inculcate the nitty-grtties of that particular field into the day to day operations. It is the craving for learning which actually takes people to places. Hence an eager-beaver attitude is necessary while setting up starting up a new business.

B2B Business Resources:

Trade Leads | Business Directory | Product Catalogs
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Sep 24, 2010

What is the Importance of Online Product Catalogs?

A business selling wide range of products understands the importance of a product catalog. When your business gets listed at top business directories and b2b marketplaces, the interested buyers wish to learn more about the products and services your business offers. Product catalogs are expected to solve the purpose of providing product information in a product directory.

Besides, there are many things that make product catalogs important business entities. The digital product catalogs offer a number of advantages that are not offered even by the printed product catalogs. The following sections should help you learn the importance of a product catalog.

Displaying Products in Quality
Printed product catalogs suffer from their expensive nature. A colored catalog may add significantly to the business costs. On the other hand, digital product catalogs allow the businesses to display their product information in color, along with images and other ingredients. So, the importance of a digital product catalog lies in the fact that it displays product information in impressive quality and that too in an inexpensive manner.

Helping Buyers to Serve Their End-Users
In a b2b marketplace, wholesalers and retailers purchase products and services from the manufacturers and suppliers and sell them further to the end-users. A product catalog offered by a manufacturer further helps a buyer to serve his clients and customers in a better way. For example, a furniture seller can download and print the manufacturers’ catalogs and show them to the customers to help them make the right choice. So, product catalogs trigger a chain that offers benefits to all.

Product Information Update
The product catalogs are important as they help the manufacturers and businesses to immediately update their product information. Whenever a new product is introduced by a business, it can be easily added to the online product catalog and it becomes immediately visible to the prospective buyers.

Offline Viewing
Another advantage of product catalogs is that one can download and save them on the hard disk to view later on. In this way, the product database of a business is permanently stored with the intended buyers. And this not only helps in generating sales at present but in future as well.

Increase in Sale
It has been reported by many businesses that product catalogs ultimately lead to increase in sale. The buyers are more convinced with the product information a product catalog offers. Moreover, ordering through product catalogs help the purchasers to save god amount of money. So, more orders are received by the businesses through low-cost product catalogs.

Marketing of Other Products
Even if a buyer search for a business’s product catalog for a particular product, he comes across other products offered by the business as well. This will encourage the buyer to contact the same business if he wishes to buy other products in the future.

A product directory is a place for online marketing and product catalogs are the right marketing tools. You must design attention-grabbing and informative product catalogs that are placed at b2b marketplaces to aim at good exposure for your products and services.
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Online Business Opportunities: The Considerations

Online Business OpportunitiesIf you plan to start a business with minimal capital investment, then internet indeed is the medium for you. There are a plenty full of business opportunities that internet offers, that too at the cost of a dime. One can sell a number of tangible products online like dresses, shoes, machines etc. while at the same time one can also find equal amount of exposure and popularity to his or her innovative, idea based services like celebrity haircuts etc. But, selling products online once in a while and creating a permanent, long running business on internet are two different things. Though, whatever the online business opportunity is, there are certain cardinal rules or trends which a start up businessman should ideally follow. Take a look:

-Worthy and Innovative Ideas
Worthy idea is the foundation stone of a successful business. Try and look for a business opportunity in something which people might need. The best way to find a business idea is by keenly observing the day to day activities around you. This might help you identify a problem and come up with an innovative solution to it, thereafter. Well now, this solution or answer to the problem can serve as a business opportunity for you which can easily be cashed in online.

-Apt Platform for the Idea
Searching for an apt platform for your product or service should be a well thought after decision. If you are into bulk buying or selling then registering with an online B2B marketplace can be a great idea. Such platforms are quite successful in providing a bundle full of trade leads to the suppliers and thereby, practically expanding the business on the global level while reaping more and more profits to the businessman. In a B2C case, one can use e-shopping sites or other such platforms for business leads. Hosting an independent website for the product with proper promotion can be all the more better.

-Latest Online Marketing Tools and Trends
To make the most of an online business opportunity, one has to keep himself updated with the latest tools and tactics of online marketing media. Internet being a highly dynamic medium, one has to be on the toes to follow the latest strategies in the industry and reap highest possible benefits from your business.

Apart from the basic online business ventures, there are a number of other business opportunities that can be explored as a viable commercial prospect on internet. Some of them are discussed as under:

Freelancing- This is probably the best suited opportunity for people who do not have much of a business sense but can indeed render a set of quality services to people who need it. Let your services be hired and earn money while sitting at home.

Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of various products and services of other brands and earning commissions while making referred sales. This is one of the most popular business concepts on internet today.

Copywriting- If you have a knack for writing then you can actually be loaded with a pile of offers to write for various sites, products and services. Copywriters are always in demand in the online scenario and are paid well too. All one need to do is sit at home and let your writing skills play and articulate with words.

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Sep 20, 2010

List Of Top 10 Business Magazines

1) BusinessWeek Magazine

BusinessWeek Magazine
2) Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company Magazine
3) Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine
4) Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine
5) Harvard Business Review Magazine

Harvard Business Review Magazine
6) Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine
7) Money Magazine

Money Magazine
8) The Economist Magazine

The Economist Magazine
9) Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine

Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine
10) Worth Magazine

Worth Magazine

B2B Marketplace Resources:

Trade Leads | Business Directory | Products Catalog
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Sep 15, 2010

How is small business management different from entrepreneurship?

Small Business - Question

How is small business management different from entrepreneurship?

1.What do entrepreneurs do that distinguishes them from other people involved in business?

2. How is small business management different from entrepreneurship?

3.what is the significance of triggering events in an entrepreneurship?

Small Business QuestionsSmall Business - Answer

Really great questions to gather some findings about enterprenures, SME's and how they are different.

Answering the first question: What do entrepreneurs do that distinguishes them from other people involved in business?

Basically enterprenures are nothing but a common man from all of us but what factores makes them different than a common man to get into the list of enterprenures are as follows:

1) Enterprenures are trend setters. They comes up with new thoughts with extremely different execution platform.
2) Taking challanges and mould them into adaptable things by all age groups and masses.
3) Enterprenures takes criticism as positive reactions for further improvemants and diversify their actions accordingly.

A lot of other things can be discussed about enterprenures but in my opinion these are enough to understand that wht is the means of enterprenures.

Answering 2nd Question: How is small business management different from entrepreneurship?

We can say that some how small businesses are the subset of enterprenureship. Small businesses can be considered as the smallest link of an industry and in absense of that the cycle can't be completed. Enterprenures are highly supported by these small business for smooth execution of their advanced ideas as a placeholder.

Answering 3rd Question : what is the significance of triggering events in an entrepreneurship?

Events are the best medium for marketing and advertisement of new ideas spread over the masses. So events are of great significance in enterprenureship. This leads to spread awareness of creating new ideas that are always welcomed for growth of businesses and industries.

B2B Marketplace and Small Business Resources:

Business Directory | Products Directory | Import Export Trade Leads
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Sep 14, 2010

Role Of Media Advertising Agencies In Business Promotion

Advertisement is known to be the key to a successful business. There are many forms of advertisements. Media is one among them. With the growing need of advertisements for developing business, there has been a considerable growth in the number of media advertising agencies.

Different Forms of Media Advertising

The different methods of advertising products through televisions, newspapers, radio, internet, mails and so forth is known as media advertising. The main motive of the media advertising agencies is to take advantage of advertisements to increase the sales of a company and thereby overall profit.

How to Choose Advertising Agencies

Choosing correct media advertising agencies can be a difficult task as there are many online agencies that help companies to gain the required exposure through advertisements.

A proper research should be done online before taking advantage of the services of these agencies. Marketing your product to maximise sales should be the main priority of media advertising agencies.

While choosing agencies, it is important to know whether these agencies have a successful past of marketing products. These agencies should be able to demonstrate the different strategies they adopt to market your product effectively. Maximum exposure to your products and services should be the motto of reliable and efficient media advertising agencies.

These agencies include professionals with various departments. These professionals take care to advertise your products in a manner that leads to increased sales and profit. Gone are the days when advertisements were done only through newspapers and televisions. Today with the help of media advertising agencies, businesses can utilize online advertising through internet.

By using the media advertising services for marketing your products, you can also save a lot of time and money. It is also important to bear in mind that your advertising agency should have a thorough idea about your products so that marketing is done effectively. Poor advertisements lead to poor response and lower sales. So it is crucial that you chalk out a plan along with your advertising agency in order to market your products.

Small and medium industries gain exposure only through effective advertisements. Online advertisements help them to reach out to a wide range of customers anywhere in the world. But it is important to choose professional who can help these industries to advertise their products in such a way that it attracts customers.

There are a wide number of advertising agencies in the B2B marketplaces. Some of the agencies that offer their services in advertising products include the Solid Action (India), Mod Interior, Shree Rani Sati Group and so forth. These agencies help to promote business by providing solutions to accelerate sales and maximise profits.

By utilizing the services of media advertising agencies, businesses can improve their sales and obtain more profit. It is to be noted that the methods of advertising has evolved since the olden days. The growing use of internet and other online facilities have accelerated the growth of online agencies for the purpose of advertising. The entire scenario of the business has undergone a substantial change with the use of these advertising agencies.
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Most Common Office Stationery Items And Their Importance

Office Stationary ItemsOffice stationery items are the must have accessories for significant office operations. Even the workplaces with computers depend upon various stationery items with very important roles to perform. These items help in carrying out some important office functions in an efficient and effective manner.

As a new office stationery business owner, you must survey and learn about the most commonly used stationery items in offices. Obviously, you would like to purchase more quantity of those items from office stationery suppliers that are in great demand. So, here is a list of items that office owners like to purchase the most.

Office Papers
Papers are required in the offices for printing purposes, for taking notes, to prepare documents and many other important functions. Papers are required to send proposals as well as invoices. So, you must offer office stationery items like A4 sized papers, paper notebooks and notepads, photo paper and so on.

Items to Write
Pens are among the most required items in a workplace. Apart from ball pens and fountain pens, the office owners require markers and highlighters as the useful writing items. Pencils and erasers are other items of great interest for the office owners. Going ahead, items like whiteboards are of importance for many workplaces. You must consider these items among the most purchased stationery items for the offices.

Diaries and Calendars
Other useful office stationery items include the things that help the office owners to prepare their schedules and remember the important dates. Desk calendars are the items that can be easily found on the working tables of the office owners. For this purpose, you must supply office diaries and calendars to the office owners.

Files and Folders
Every office owner likes the office to look organized. So, an important category of office stationery is that of files and folders. Paper folders and card holders are the common items purchased in this category. Report covers and document binders are other items of interest for the office owners. All these items should be included in the product base of your office stationery business.

Various Office Equipments
A modern office setup requires variety of equipments to work smoothly. Here are some important items that you must sell as office stationery:
Calculators and scientific calculators are required at offices for easy calculations.
Imaging equipments like computer printers, fax machines and photocopiers are among the most desired office items.
Presentation equipments like screens and projectors are other frequently used items in an office.

Other Stationery Items
Paper weights and paper clips are other things that are required in offices to keep everything in place. Paper cutters and sticky notes are other useful items that maintain the interest in working efficiently. Staplers and envelopes are other such items that you must supply as office stationery. Finally, adhesives and shredders are items that add usefulness to the working environment at offices.

You can find office stationery suppliers at business directories on the web. Make sure that you obtain the above-mentioned items to make your business a one-stop destination for the office owners.

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Sep 9, 2010

Online Versus Offline Business Directories: A Comparison

Online Versus Offline Business DirectoriesBusiness directories have existed in the form of printed yellow pages and directories. People have always relied on these directories to search for businesses and service providers. With the advent of the internet and large number of people switching to online search, the significance of online business directories has increased tremendously.

This calls for a comparison between the offline and online business directories to understand which category offers more advantages. Below you can find some factors that form the basis for this comparison.

Geographical Search
Printed directories provide information about local markets and local businesses. But what if you wish to learn about the product and service providers in other region? Fortunately, the online business directories break the geographical barriers. People living in the United States can refer to the online business directories India uses to list its business providers in various categories.

Updated Information
Offline printed directories update the information about the business providers once a year. So, the information you come across might have gone out-of-date. On the other hand, a business directory available on the web is regularly updated with the business information regarding different companies. So, you can easily rely upon online directories to find up-to-date information about different businesses.

Product Catalogs
This is among the most significant difference that makes online business directories much better than their offline counterparts. The businesses are allowed to display their product catalogs in the web-based directories. On the other hand, the offline directories are simply used for listing services, where no information about the business products is available.

Business Marketing
From the perspective of the business owners, an online business directory provides them with the platform to promote their business products and services. The web based directories are good enough to promote businesses among different types of customers, including wholesalers, exporters, retailers and end-users as well.

Easy to Search Information
Online business directories offer fast and easy search tools that make it easy for the interested buyers to search for the products and services easily. This type of facility is lacked by the offline directories that require people to go through boring pages to search for the information they want. So, searching using online directories is a less time consuming process.

Inexpensive Tools
Printed directories are costly not only for the publisher but also for the businesses getting listed in them. On the other hand, online business directories are among the least expensive online promotion tools. Businesses don’t have to spend considerably t get listed in the web-based directories.

Easy to Access
Online business directories can be accessed at any point of time and from any place. You can even access them from your mobile phones. However, it is impractical to carry printed directories everywhere. So, you can easily find information about business providers using the online directories from homes, offices and other places.

Online business directories act as the meeting platforms for the purchasers and the sellers and for the businesses to find their targeted audiences. So, these directories got to have some great advantages over the printed directories.

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Exploring Top 10 Business Sectors in India

Top 10 Business Sectors in India
The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this is evident from the increase in b2b business space India shares with the world. Apart from the big business houses, the real contributors towards the economic growth are the small and middle sized enterprises belonging to different industries.

To learn about different business sectors of India, there is no better place than a b2b business directory, where these businesses open their doors for the world. Considering the popularity and growth rate of businesses, here is a list of the top 10 business sectors of India.

Foods and Beverages
The foods and beverage industry of India has gained popularity in the past 3-4 years, mainly due to the changing lifestyle and eating habits of the people. Most of the segments have recorded an increase in revenue from 2005 to 2009, the alcohol segment being on the top. A growth rate of 7.5 percent is expected between 2009 and 2013 to make it a 330 billion dollar industry by 2013.

IT Industry
The information technology business sector of India is expected to increase by 14.1 percent from 2009 to 2010. The expert analysis predicts the industry to become 67 billion dollar industry in 2010 and to increase by 11 percent by the year 2013. IT services, software as well as hardware segments are making great contributions towards the growth rate of IT industry as a b2b business.

Health Industry
Due to a huge different in the healthcare costs in India and the western countries, the health industry of the country is experiencing a growth in terms of business. The analysis shows that the current 35 billion dollar industry is going to touch the figure of 75 billion dollars in 2012 and 150 billion dollar by the year 2017.

Telecom Industry
The growth of telecommunication business sector in India can be easily termed as a revolution. The country enjoys the second rank as the telecom network provider. The rise of 3G services and mobile telephony has also contributed significantly towards the growth rate in the sector. The mobile subscribers in the country are expected to grow by 11 percent from 2010 to 2014.

Textile Industry
Textile industry in India is a globally reputed b2b business sector. The total textile exports from India contribute towards 27 percent of the total foreign exchange. Cotton, silk, jute, woolen, hand-crafted and ready made textiles are the main segments one can find in a global Indian b2b business directory.

Auto Industry
The Indian auto component industry has been growing with a consistent growth rate of about 20 percent since 2000 and the rate is expected to remain consistent till 2015. Engine parts, drive transmission ad steering parts, suspension and braking parts and electrical parts are main contributors towards the growth of this global b2b business sector.

Construction Industry
Accounting towards 11 percent of India’s total GDP, the construction industry is an exporter of various raw materials to the world. For example, China is the biggest consumer of steel exported by India. Besides, the cement industry is a significant contributor in this category.

Indian handicrafts enjoy a great demand in the foreign markets like those of USA, UK and Australia. Wooden handicrafts, jewelry, hand printed textiles and crocheted goods are some of the main segments that bring foreign exchange of the worth of 3 billion dollar to the country.

Both renewable and non-renewable energy sources have contributed towards the growth rate of energy sector of India. Natural gas, LPG and solar energy are the segments that have been consistently growing.

Banking and Insurance
Investment banking, credit cards, mortgage and insurance products are the segments that contribute towards the growth of banking and insurance sector of India. For example, the number of debit cards increased by 40 percent from 2006 and 2009.

To find the companies showing growth in the above-mentioned business sectors, you can refer to a b2b business directory. Apart from them, there are many other industrial sectors growing in the domestic as well as global markets.

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Reasons Why Manpower Recruitment Agencies are Indispensable

Manpower recruitment is highly essential for proper growth of an organization. It is not easy to obtain the right candidates with the required skill sets. Today the business scenario witnesses tremendous changes and has to overcome innumerable challenges to obtain the desired results. The manpower recruitment services help the companies to search for potential candidates and thereby improve the growth of the company.

The Growing Significance of Manpower Recruitment

With the substantial growth of business and technology, the entire structure of work has changed requiring more skilled personnel for specific jobs. There are hoards of manpower recruitment consultants that assist companies to bring in the right candidates to meet job requirements.

Companies can easily search for these recruitment services in the business to business directories. There are number of manpower recruitment agencies listed in the b2b marketplaces which act as intermediaries between the company and the recruits seeking job openings.

Manpower recruitment is a complex task as it involves understanding a person well enough to know if he is suitable for a particular job opening. It involves a huge responsibility as it has to provide the right recruit to the company as well as ensure that the candidates have obtained the right opportunity.

Today there are wide number of agencies that provide their services to companies for recruiting skilled personnel. Most of the companies are outsourcing recruitment services to agencies for easy and better results. The company benefits with the recruitment of efficient candidates as they contribute to the development of the company by increasing sales and profits.

Why Manpower Recruitment Is Important

Every company requires a well structured and planned HR department which hires efficient candidates and acts as a lubricant between employees and the management. While today, most of the companies prefer to outsource the functions of an efficient HR department to recruitment agencies. These agencies provide their services at cost effective rates and ensure excellent results.

With the growing usage of online directories for job openings, potential candidates find it easier to search for the right job. The recruitment agencies make use of these portals for posting ads of prospective job openings. Interested candidates can apply through these online portals and the agencies can recruit the suitable candidates for their clients.

The recruitment agencies conduct a detailed research regarding the professional skills of the candidates and ensure that their skill sets match the requirements of the company. This process requires time and professional expertise. This is the very reason why most of the companies opt for professional recruitment services.

Some of the well known manpower recruitment agencies listed in the business to business portals are
  • The India International Technical Recruiters, Delhi, which provides professionals to the IT sector, healthcare and BPO.
  • FNK Services India Pvt Ltd which also provides consultancy and recruitment services.
  • Integrated Personnel Service Private Ltd.

Manpower recruitment agencies play a vital role in recruiting efficient and skilled personnel within a stipulated time frame. It is highly cost efficient and beneficial to companies seeking to hire professionals.

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