May 26, 2011

Sarees- Indian Apparels That Exude Poise and Grace

Indian apparels are famous world over for its diversity and incomparable beauty. Indian sarees are known to encompass cultural essence which has indefinable grace and texture. Made from different varieties of fabrics, this six meter yard cloth has carved a niche in the global markets for its unique beauty.

Another variety of apparel quite commonly used in India includes the Salwar Kameez which is a two piece garment containing a long kurta and pyjama. This traditional Indian outfit is one of the most adorable and popular outfit that is worn by women of all ages and regions in spite of being a North Indian outfit.

indian sarees

indian sarees

indian sarees

Popular Outfits and Apparels of India

The Indian sarees are the most elegant outfits the world has ever seen. Filled with a huge variety of colors, textures and fabrics, some of the most exquisite collections of Indian saris can be bought from many of the online stores.

The Indian sarees differ in designs, patterns, textures and styles in different regions of the country. The saris found in the North of India are entirely different from those woven in the South. A mesmerising range of designs can be bought from different parts of the country.

Some of the most popular designs and types of saris include the Kanjevaram saris, Banarasi saris, Konrad saris, Bengal cotton saris, Gadwal saris, Chanderi saris, Paithani saris and so forth.

The Kanjevaram silk sarees: One of the most elegant and expensive saris include the Kanjevaram silk saris which is popular for its traditional designs and pure silk fabric. The distinct feature of this unique sari is that it is woven in pure gold dipped silver thread using the best quality silk. The most common designs include the parrot and peacock patterns woven beautifully on the pallus of the saris. The Kanjevaram silk saris are known to be the best bridal outfit a woman could ever wear.

Brocade sarees: These saris are woven in Gujarat and are one among the most expensive and elegant variety of saris. The Gujarati brocade saris are known for its stupendous designs and patterns and it is usually woven in pure colored silk.

Paithani saris: Woven in a village in Maharashtra, the Paithani saris are the work of some of the most skilled labourers. Available in a huge variety of shades such as magenta, purple, blue and green, these saris are woven with exclusive motifs including parrots, peacocks and so forth. The pallu of the sari is done on pure gold base and in silk.

Banarasi saris: A must in every woman’s wardrobe, the Banarasi sarees are another exquisite variety of Indian apparels. Known all over the world for its exclusive designs and silk, the Banarasi saris are woven in different parts to compliment the various patterns of different regions in the country.

Apart from the above mentioned sarees, there are many more interesting varieties which include the crepe silk, Mysore silk, georgette saris, Kota silk, Pashmina silk saris and so forth. Regardless of its origin, color, fabric and style, the Indian saris are considered the paragon of beauty, cultural and ethnic values of the country.


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