Jun 24, 2011

Significant Role of Merchant Banking Services in Our Economy

Merchant banks found its origin in the early periods in the country of Italy by the Italian merchants. The main function of the merchant banking services include providing financial advice and services to corporate as well as individuals. These banks act as a sort of intermediary between capital issuers and the buyers of the securities. These securities are issued by different companies in the stock markets to raise funds.

The Necessity of Merchant Banking Services

The economy of the country is often afflicted with different unpredictable conditions like inflation, unemployment, stagnation and so forth. The need to sustain a steady growth is necessary for corporations and individuals which is possible only with a long term strategy and financial options. The merchant banking services provide solutions and financial options.

These banks provide advisor services to clients based on a particular fee. They also provide other financial services to mergers and clients. It is the only financial institute that invests its capital in the clients’ company. It acts as an intermediary between those who possess capital and those who need capital.

To help their clients with a number of financial options, the merchant banking services operate in a number of countries all over the world. In this manner the clients have the opportunity to survey the different financial options to ensure better growth.

Functions of the Merchant Banking Services

These banks have a number of functions and some of the most important among them include:
  • Raise funds: one of the main functions of this banker includes helping the clients’ company to raise funds from the markets. The banks help to manage equity offerings and debt. This function further includes underwriting support, pricing and marketing of the issue, stock exchange listing, allotment and refund, offer document registration and so forth.
  • Offer advisory services: these banks also offer advisory services to its clients for a proposed fee.
  • Security distribution: the functions of these banking services also include distribution of different types of securities like fixed deposits, equity shares, mutual fund products, commercial paper and debt instruments.
  • Aid in projects: these banks also provide aid in the projects undertaken by the clients by helping them to visualise the concept of the project. The feasibility of the project is also analysed by these banks. The clients are also given support to prepare project reports.
  • Overall financial reconstruction: the merchant banking services provide better financial options and solutions to the clients. They help the clients to raise funds through cheaper resources. With the aid of other financial institutions, these banks also help to revive the sick units of the clients’ companies.
  • Offer advice on management of risks: another important function performed by these banks includes providing timely advice on risk management. The merchant banker provides advice on different strategies adopted by the clients.

Today the merchant banking services provide a number of other services like loan syndication, credit acceptance, counselling of mergers and acquisitions, management of portfolio and so forth. They also assist companies with short term liquidity funds. In a nutshell, these banking services are indispensable as they support individuals and corporate to expand their business ventures.
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Milk Products: An Essential Part of Our Diet

Milk is considered a wholesome food. It is a rich source of calcium, minerals, vitamins and proteins. The products derived from milk are known as milk products. For better health and strong immune system, consumption of milk is quite essential. However, there are many people who are allergic to milk and milk products.

Milk & Dairy Products

Some of the Common Dairy Products

Most of the people include milk and its products in their daily diet. Some of the most commonly used products of milk are as follows:

  • Cheese: Cheese is one of the most delicious by product of milk. It is nutritious and is considered rich in protein and minerals. It is a healthy food and is a rich source of calcium. It is used for preparing sandwiches, pizzas and other delicious food items.
  • Butter: Butter is a commonly used food item in most of the households. Delicious and creamy butter is prepared from buttermilk which is also a by product of milk.
  • Ghee: Another most commonly used product of milk is pure ghee. Ghee is used for preparing various sweet dishes and has excellent medicinal value for many ailments.
  • Curd: Curd is one of the most widely used milk products in the world. Cure made from pure cow’s milk is another rich source of calcium and minerals.
  • Skimmed milk: Skimmed milk is produced by removing the cream from the milk. It can be consumed by people who are suffering from heart diseases and obesity. Skimmed milk is fat free and can be consumed by people of all ages.

Apart from these there are so many other milk products that are beneficial to our health and consumed by people all over the world. Some of these products include ice creams, paneer, condensed milk, milk shakes, milk powder, tofu and so forth. All these products are available online these days. With a variety of milk products, manufacturers advertise their products in the B2B directories so that consumers find it easy to purchase their choice of products.

Some of the famous suppliers of milk products are Nestle India, Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt Ltd, Indian Dairy, Orkay Instant Food and so forth. These companies provide some of the best products of milk such as butter, pure ghee, milk powders, curds and yogurts.

Benefits of Consuming Milk and Milk Products

  • Rich source of calcium: Milk is rich in calcium and calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis can be prevented by proper intake of milk. Growing children also require milk for proper growth of bones and teeth.
  • Complete food: Milk is considered a complete food as it contains necessary vitamins, proteins and calcium. It gives energy and keeps the body healthy and strong.
  • Cares for the skin: It is known to care for the skin by replenishing it.

Though milk is considered a healthy food there are many people who are intolerant to milk and its products. Milk allergies are common among children and adults alike. Although there are many controversies that revolve around its consumption, milk products are still manufactured and consumed in a large scale.
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Jun 22, 2011

The Importance of Training Institutes for Better Careers

Due to the ever increasing demand for a better career and secure job, the need for training institutes is on the rise. The steady increase in population has led to shortages in job opportunities and better career options. Unemployment and underemployment have become quite common these days. This in turn aggravates the necessity for excellent institutes that can provide adequate training to students in various fields.

Choosing Training Institutes

There are several training institutes in the country which provide excellent professional courses to students. Career training is essential these days as the competition is very high in the job market. However, there are many factors to consider while choosing institutes for honing your career skills, some of them may include:
  • Assessing your interests and skills: before you decide to join an institute, it is important to evaluate your personal skills and talents. Some people may be proficient in artistic skills where as others prefer to acquire computer knowledge. There are thousands of training institutes that help people achieve their dream careers. A career guidance counsellor can provide adequate help in choosing your career by assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluating the present trends: career training also related to the present trends in the job market. It is important to evaluate the latest demand for professional skills and related job opportunities. The income trend of respective jobs should also be considered while choosing career training centres.
  • Provide Internships: while choosing training institutes, it is important to choose such institutes that provide apprenticeship training to students. The students benefit from such institutes as it helps to build their confidence levels.
  • Training fees: The fee incurred by the career institutes is another most important factor to be considered while selecting institutes. Some institutes charge hefty amounts for providing training courses whereas some charge reasonable amounts which can be paid in instalments.
  • Campus recruitment: there are many training institutes that guarantee placements to its students. Before selecting institutes, it is wise to evaluate the benefits offered by the institutes in the form of placements in reputed companies.
  • Certificates: it is also important to choose career institutes that provide authentic certificates that increase the possibilities of a good job opportunity.

Professional Training Institutes

There are many training centres in the country which equip people both professionally and personally. Some of the institutes provide soft skills like personality development skills, leadership skills and language training. Professional courses also include IT training, foreign language training, corporate training and so forth.

Career institutes also provide textile designing courses, 3D animation courses, web designing, fashion designing and many other short term job oriented courses. Many institutes provide personality development courses which include public speaking courses, communication development courses, vocational education courses and so forth. Various diploma courses are also offered by trained faculties including short term diploma courses.

Most of these well known training institutes have listed their services in the online business portals which enable people to search for the right career and brighten their future with lucrative job opportunities.
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Significance of Import Export Trade Leads In India

India was basically considered an agro based economy where imports exceeded exports. Indian imports consisted of heavy machineries, gold and silver, electrical products and so forth. There has been an imbalance in the export and import business in the country. The growth of globalisation paved way for better trade relations between countries. The advent and use of online business directories have further accentuated the prospects of trade in the country.

The Growth of Business Directories and Trade Leads

The b2b directories in India have proved to be excellent platforms for obtaining import export trade leads for various business entrepreneurs. Being a country which includes a huge number of SME sectors, obtaining global recognition was simply impossible without the use of business directories. But with the growing usage and emergence of various online portals, the Small and Medium Enterprises have obtained the required exposure in the global markets.

import export business in India

Better Exposure through B2B Directories

Today there are a number of business portals which show case different products and services manufactured by the SME sectors. This has led to the consequent growth of the Indian small scale industries. Through the b2b directories, the small and medium enterprises obtain necessary import export trade leads to accelerate the growth of business.

Buyers and sellers of different countries amalgamate on a single platform more commonly known as online business portals. Such portals pave way for import export trade leads which are basically enquires posted by buyers from different countries. These leads help to improve business as it gives better exposure and opportunity.

The growth of online business directories have led to the subsequent growth of export and import business in India. The import export trade leads have proved to be advantageous as it is one of the most economical advertising processes. There are a number of online business portals that provide free opportunities to post trade leads. This has proved to be a tremendous opportunity to the small scale industries to gain maximum exposure in the international markets. The Indian handicraft sectors and various cottage industries have gained global exposure with the help of online business portals.

The liberalisation policies introduced in the country has led to tremendous changes in the import and export business. The Indian exports have been experiencing a massive growth but so is the import sector.

Today the Indian economy is in need of machineries and crude oil as it is on the verge of becoming a developed economy. With such a vast amount of resources, the country requires proper ways to gain global recognition which is made possible with the help of online business portals and import export trade leads.

There are in fact many ways to obtain authentic business leads and some of the most effective methods include trade events, blogging and use of social networking sites. Through effective import export trade leads, both domestic and foreign trade can be elevated to new heights. With companies and businesses from all over the world, it is easy to obtain business leads and thereby economic development.
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Jun 21, 2011

What Are the Different Uses of Vending Machines

A vending machine is a machine without any human vendor. The automated operations performed by these machines make them convenient and time-saving at public and commercial places. A consumer needs to deposit the required money and the product he or she wants is provided by the machine.

There are different versions of vending machines that have been launched since the first historical reference of these machines. The vending machine manufacturers have always tried to improve the usefulness and safety of these machines so that people can make best out of them. Here is a discussion about various uses that these machines offer.

vending machines

Foods and Drinks

A vending machine that provides food items or drinks to the consumers can be easily found at a commercial place. The machines vending healthy foods are installed at schools and offices to promote good health among students and employees. Fast food vending machines can be found at theatres, malls and other places that are visited by thousands of people on regular basis.

Snacks and ice-creams are other popular items that are sold through vending machines. The machines that sell hot food hot and cold food cold are quite popular among consumers. Besides, there are machines that vend candies, chewing gums, sweets and other such small items.

One can find vending machines that provide soft drink cans at bus and railway stations, airports, recreational venues and other such places. In some countries, beverages and alcohol cans too are vended through these machines. However, some of the countries restrict vending alcoholic product through these machines.

Ticket Vending Machines

A popular use of vending machine is to sell tickets at various places. You can easily find these machines at bus and railways stations and metro stations as well. These machines make ticket selling a time saving process as there is no need to stand in a row to buy the tickets. Lottery tickets vending machines too are popular among those who try their luck at different lotteries.

Other Uses

A vending machine may also be used to sell hygiene products. For instance, one can find vending machines that sell tampons and menstruation pads to women at women’s rooms at different public and commercial places. There are vending machines in the men’s rooms that vend condoms.

Machines that vend medicines are also common at public venues like transit stations and shopping malls. A popular use of these machines is to sell newspapers. The machines selling newspapers are different from conventional designs. These machines have a door that opens as the consumer deposits the money and the consumer can select the newspaper he or she wants. In other machine designs, the item purchased is dispensed into a slot.

Other uses of vending machines include the sale of cigarettes, small toys, fruits and other items. One of the latest uses of these machines is to sell music CDs and DVDs. The vending machine manufacturers are using different technologies like biometric recognition to make these machines highly safe and practical. The machines are popularizing the concept of vending without human intervention.
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