Apr 29, 2013

Cleaning Procedures for Different Wooden Home Furniture

Wood furniture can be painted, polished or oiled. How you clean your furniture depends on the variety of wood it is made up of. For example, some types of wood are lightly lacquered and do not absorb oil, while others like rosewood and teak do not have any finish and can be handled with annual oil application.

Let us see how you can clean different types of wood home furniture be it wooden beds, almirah, sofa set or cabinets:

Painted Wood
Excessive rubbing and cleaning can damage the decor, colour and finish of furniture. If your wooden beds and other furniture pieces are of painted wood, least care and maintenance is needed for them round the year. You can clean your painted wooden almirah and other furniture regularly with the help of a brush. Wiping occasionally with sponge can help in removing finger marks and smudges. If you feel the need of wax, use of hard paste wax once in a year can serve the purpose.

Oiled Wood
Oiled wood furniture has a soft, warm glow which requires only occasional oil application. For example, if you oil your wooden sofa set once in a year, it will retain the shine for a long time to come. It is important to note that you should never wax an oiled wooden surface. Wax can block the pores making the wood dry and brittle. If there are white spots on your oiled wooden furniture, rub them with tooth paste spread on a soft cloth. You can also use oil and a mild abrasive to rub those white spots. Such abrasives may be pumice, baking soda, salt or ash. The oils that you can use may be cooking oil, olive oil and petroleum jelly.

Polished Wood
Polished wooden furniture pieces are usually finished with wax, lacquer or varnish. Any wood polish can clean a wooden surface quickly. You have to choose the one which is appropriate for the kind of finish done on your wooden furniture. For example, wax in paste form gives a long lasting finish to the furniture, as compared to liquid or spray polish. This kind of finishing is usually recommended for antique wooden pieces.

Always wear cotton gloves while waxing the furniture, as this will not leave any fingerprints on the surface. Sprinkle some corn starch on the recently polished wood surface, and rub it for better gloss. Corn starch absorbs the excess wax or oil from the surface, leaving a glistening wooden surface free from any fingerprints. If there are white spots or rings on your wooden sofa set, you can apply mayonnaise, allow it to sit for around 60 minutes, wipe it off with a cloth and then polish. All these are terrific techniques to keep your wooden furniture glowing like new.

Specialty Wood
Specialty woods can be bamboo, rush, cane, rattan, wicker etc. These woods have natural finish, but some of them may have shellac or varnish coating. You need to vacuum them regularly with a brush attachment.

With all these steps, you can keep your home furniture as shiny as new.
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Health Benefits of Protein Rich Pulses

Pulses are the prime protein source in Indian diet. Also known as legumes or dals (when split), they provide fibre and iron and are free from cholesterol and saturated fats. The Indian cuisine generally has pulses like urad dal, masoor dal, moong dal, green moong, chick peas, beans etc. and the entire sub-continent enjoys the benefits of these pulses which are available in a variety of flavours.

CVDs (Cardio Vascular Diseases) are a common occurrence and a leading reason behind disability and death around the world. Consuming pulses on a routine basis is one among the many preventive measures of CVDs. Pulses like lentils, chickpeas and beans, if consumed regularly, can reduce triglycerides and serum cholesterols from blood – two key risk factors of CVD. Routine intake of soluble fibre rich pulses reduces blood cholesterol and lipids. It also helps in bringing down the fat absorption in blood. Pulses are also rich in potassium. Hence they can help in reducing blood pressure issues by lessening the effect of sodium.

Protein Rich Pulses

Urad dal and moong dal are most commonly used pulses in Indian cooking and a cup of pulses consumed daily can constitute for half of the daily fibre requirements of an adult. Diets rich in fibre are said to lower the incidence of cancer. Folate is yet another cancer preventing element and is abundantly present in beans, lentils and peas. Folate helps in producing new cells and maintaining existing cells. It is also useful during infancy and pregnancy.

People, who complain of high blood sugar levels or diabetes, should include more of dals and peas in their diet as they are low in Glycemic Index. Pulses release glucose at lower rate compared to cereals and thus lower the fluctuation of glucose level in blood resulting in improvement of insulin response. They also contain complex carbohydrates and are protein rich, thus reducing chances of diabetes and controlling blood sugar.

The minute you plan to go on a diet, you need to part with foods high in carbohydrates and include some nutritious pulses like green gram sprouts, chickpeas, salads and dishes made with nutrition rich fruits and vegetables. Pulses are low in energy and calorie content, thus ideal for weight conscious people. A bowl of gram sprouts can make you feel full and curb your food craving for a long time. Not just the high protein content but the highly fibrous nature of pulses makes them a great fit for overweight people.

Pulses do not contain a protein called gluten. Therefore, they can be useful in curing celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition where in the small intestine is sensitive to gluten and results in indigestion.

Considering the manifold benefits of legumes, it is vital that all diets, especially vegetarian ones contain urad dal and moong dal along with other members of the same family to sustain healthy living. Including two or more pulses in daily meal is sure to strike the right balance of proteins and fibres thereby keeping health problems and ailments at bay.
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Apr 11, 2013

What Are Various Mobile Phone Components

A mobile phone is made up of different components systematically arranged according to the type and design of the mobile set. Any mobile phone, whether it is an ordinary feature phone or a smart phone, has some important components besides mobile battery as discussed below.

SIM card Slot
Any mobile phone requires a small microchip known as SIM card for its operation. For inserting simcard, a slot is provided in every mobile phone. Some CDMA phones do not need SIM card but they apply some similar card known as R-UIM. The SIM cards are generally removable and can be placed in other hand handset. Some mobile sets come with fixed SIM cards which are not removable.

A mobile phone requires battery to work. Rechargeable mobile battery is commonly used in all handsets. It is recharged by connecting to external battery charger which in turn is connected to a power point at any place.

Memory card
Located inside the phone, a memory card or chip stores the information on the phone. It stores all data like phone numbers, names and data regarding calls made, received, and missed calls, messages received and sent and many other data that we may want to store.

Display screen
Generally located on top surface of a mobile phone, it displays all information that we search for on the screen in text and video forms. If we make a call it displays the number dialed or if we are sending message, it is displayed on the screen. Similarly, when we receive a call the phone number of the caller and name if any is displayed on the screen and when message received the message is displayed. When the mobile battery is discharged completely, the phone gets switched off and one cannot view the display unless the phone is charged again

Key pad
Key pad contains text letters, numbers, symbols and special characters. Phone numbers and text are entered with the help of these keys. Traditional keypads having 3-4 characters on single key are now largely replaced by QWERTY keypads. These days, with the popularity of touch screen phones, you can find mobile phones without key pads too.

Touch Screen
Some improved versions of mobile phone sets provide touch screen in place of key pad. Just by ouching the screen, you can enter the menu and select different options to input any data or use any mobile function.

Central processing Unit
This is the most important component of a mobile phone which is responsible for all functions of the phone. Located inside the mobile set on the rear part near the mobile battery area, it is made up of tiny circuits fixed on to the circuit board. The text and voice are changed into electrical waves by this processing unit and transmitted to the receiving end. The receiving end catches the waves through antenna and again converts it into text and voice and delivers to the receiver.

A small microphone is placed on the front bottom side of the phone, which catches the voice or sound of the speaking person and transmits it through the CPU to the receiver at other end.

There are many other components like GPS, speaker, antenna etc. in different mobile phones. Remember keeping your mobile battery recharged always to enjoy uninterrupted and enjoyable experience of your mobile phone.

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Apr 9, 2013

Significance of Postal Services in India in the Electronic Age

Indian Postal Services

The age of electronic media has showered its effect all over the country and affected the pivotal position of Indian postal service. Postal service in India once used to be the only means of communication as far as long distance correspondence is concerned. The new generation resorts to conveying messages via emails and text messages and very rarely through the traditional methods like post.

Communication has become fast, reliable and easy with the advent of internet. The most appealing feature about electronic media is that it consumes less time. Moreover documents can be scanned and electronically sent as attachments without much cost. However, security is a major issue when it comes to internet communication.

There are some limitations with electronic media which prevent it from dominating all means of communication.

  • Firstly, parcels need courier services in India to be delivered across the states and cannot be sent via electronic media. This gives weightage to the trusted ways of Indian postal service. Bulk goods transfers which are required for economic transactions are also carried on with the help of courier services of India.
  • Secondly, given the vastness of the country and the large number of regions which still do not have proper access to electricity and internet, the electronic media fails to extend its services. The only viable solution for their needs to communicate with the world outside comes in the form of highly networked postal and courier services of India.
  • There may not be adequate supply of electricity and technology in the remotest of places, but the government takes care to install post offices which make correspondence possible.
  • Furthermore, Indian postal service is not limited to exchange of words and parcels. The post offices in India are also responsible for a number of other services. For example, they act as banks and allow the local people to open up accounts and save money, thus helping in capital formation.
  • Indian postal service contributes to a large percentage of revenue in the Indian treasury and generates employment opportunities for a considerable section of the society.

An efficient system of postal and courier services requires equal efficiency on the part of transport systems like shipping companies and transport companies, keeping them up and running. There have been developments in Indian postal service over the years. They have tied up with world net which makes express delivery system possible. The duration of goods in transit, as a result of which, has come down to four days.

The development of technology and the advent of electronic media have overshadowed the importance of postal and courier services to a certain degree. However, the functions of Indian postal service remain unhindered, albeit a little shaken by a fall in popularity. Courier services in India still have solid ground to stand on as it continues to deliver goods to and fro across the country.

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Electrical Gadgets Used For Individual and Commercial Purpose

Varieties of individual and commercial electrical gadgets have been developed to suit various requirements of people like USB player, food processor, FM radio, speaker, wireless CCTV camera, etc. These gadgets are very helpful in performing various activities of our daily life thereby saving manual energy and time and reducing stress at work. They are also used for many other benefits like entertainment, monitoring health and providing safety to us.

For kitchen use, there are plenty of electrical appliances available like electrical stoves, ovens, sandwich makers, toasters, electric cookers, electric kettles, chapatti or roti makers, coffee makers, juicers, mixers, grinders, blenders, chopper/slicers, various food processors, ice makers and fridge, etc. All these electrical gadgets have made the kitchen work easier for women. It eases the cooking process and the time involved in cooking.

For house cleaning and hygiene purpose, there are many appliances like vacuum cleaners, steam mop cleaners, automatic air purifiers and air fresheners, shoe polishing machines, etc. With the help of these machines, home and office environment can be maintained with cleanliness and hygiene.

For safety, privacy and emergency purposes, you can look to some electrical gadgets like flash light torch, invertor, electric door lock, electric bell, video door phone, etc. All these electrical gadgets are generally meant for individual and personal use of people.

There are some other electrical gadgets which are used for commercial and public purposes like GPS navigator and wireless CCTV camera, etc. GPS navigators are commonly used to locate the position of a person on the global map. It also helps him in locating the routes to reach a particular destination and also in knowing some other additional information like distance, climate and available hotels or other places at the destination. The wireless CCTV camera is being popularly used nowadays at all public places like banks, airports, hotels, ATMs, shopping malls, parking places, subways and lifts also as a safety measure. It is very useful in preventing crimes. Further it is very largely used by traffic police for controlling traffic jams at all junctions of roads. It is also used for communicating at public places and large functions, in subways and lifts, etc. in times of emergency.

For bathrooms and body grooming purposes, you can use washing machines, clothes dryers, water heaters, hand and body dryers, electronic shavers and other body grooming kits, etc. with the help of which you are able to keep yourselves well groomed, trim and smart.

For entertainment purpose you have a vast range of appliances like USB player sets, hi-fi TV sets and LCD sets, home theatres, DVD players, CD players, FM Radio sets, MP3 players, walkie-talkies, video games, speakers, voice recorders, head phones, car audio and video systems, iPhones, cameras, iBall and iPods, set top boxes of various cable TV service providers, etc.

All these electrical gadgets have indeed made our life easy, enjoyable and secure. It is difficult to think a life of modern man without most of these electrical gadgets and appliances.

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Apr 8, 2013

Importance of Different Body Care Products and Methods

Body is a temple within which the mind resides. Pollution, stress and the vigorous activities of day to day life take their toll on the body. The affected areas include hair, skin, feet etc. Various body care products are available to ensure proper maintenance of different body parts. People mainly use body care products for skin in order to keep it healthy, so that the signs of aging can be held at bay as long as possible.

There are various options to choose from in the market and many methods of body care available for rejuvenation and restoration. Some of the basic body care products are:

  • Body Wash and Massage Bar: Cleansing the body with a good quality body scrub helps to remove the skin cells that have undergone wear and tear throughout the day. Following it up with an exfoliating massage bar helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. It refreshes the body and the mind. Removing the toxins that are secreted from the skin cells along with dirt helps to prevent many diseases as well.
  • Body Moisturizing: Plenty of quality body care products are present in the market which for hydrating the skin. By applying moisturizing creams and gels, one can massage the skin and maintain blood circulation. The skin regains glow and softness with the help of good moisturizers. Most quality products contain natural extracts of herbs and fruits which can work wonders for the skin.
  • Body Oils: Climate affects the body adversely in the modern world of pollution. Natural oils that are excreted by the body need to be replenished in order to maintain the oil balance of the skin. Oil products containing suitable extracts act as good substitutes. The massage done while applying body oil lets the body stay supple and glowing.
  • Foot File: It is a device with the help of which rough dead skin cells are removed from the feet to help the underlying layers of new skin to surface. It also helps to relieve built up pressure on the feet, especially if preceded by a foot wash involving warm water and good quality soap.
  • Foot Creams and Hand Creams: These body care products are used to hydrate the skin and leave them feeling smooth and soft. Available with a variety of essential ingredients like fruit extracts, herbs, essential oils etc., these creams protect hands and legs from harsh weather conditions. Body care products like sun screens provide protection against ultraviolet rays as well.
  • Shampoo and Conditioners: While shampoos are used for cleaning hair and protecting them from damage, conditioners are used for protection from hair loss, dandruff, split ends and other common hair problems.

Body care products are an essential part of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. It is important to find ways to relieve stress and also the fatigue that body faces in the normal daily course of life. Apart from use of body care products, some methods like sauna bath, mud wrapping, alpha therapy, sea weed wrapping, oil massage etc. are famous for body care. These methods are of therapeutic value and keep the body strong and young apart from having a strengthening effect on the mind as well.
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List Of Construction Tools Which Makes Construction Process Quiet Easy

Construction tools refer to the various kinds of tools and equipments used for building and construction purposes. Construction tool business has always been an integral part of the construction and building industry as it is unimaginable to construct a building without these tools. In fact, for every single activity at a construction site one invariably needs one or the other kind of construction tool to start up the work.

Construction tools are also important as there needs to be a definite and appropriate tool for every activity during the construction of a building. The construction tools range from the lighter equipments like sand screening machine, air compressor, brick making machine to large, heavy equipments like cranes, dozers, haulers etc. Every builder or constructor looks for durable tools which last long in the rough and tough conditions of a construction site. Thus, construction tool manufacturers too work on the principle of providing reliable tools to serve the requirements of the site workers in the best possible manner.

Concrete Mixing Equipment
Concrete Mixer
lifting Cranes
Jaw Crusher Construction Equipment
Jaw Crusher

Discussed here are some of the basic construction tools which are generally used at a construction site:

Excavators refer to the heavy construction machines used for the purpose of pushing or lifting heavy objects from one place to another. This particular construction tool simplifies the mammoth and tiring task of moving the large objects on a construction site.

Sand Screening Machine
Sand screening machine is used for screening sand to get rid of dust, dirt and slit from sand. Generally constructors prefer vibratory screening machine as it can sieve both wet as well as dry sand.

Concrete Mixers
Concrete mixers are needed for mixing the cement consisting of sand and gravel with water. Together these ingredients form a homogeneous mixture of concrete. The anatomy of a concrete mixer comprises of a rotating drum used for mixing the ingredients. Though some mixers also carry hoopers which make the job of mixing all the more easier.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crushers are used for crushing heavy stones and rocks into smaller pieces so as to make them usable for construction purposes. The sizes of this construction tool vary as per the nature of job it has been assigned to.

Scraper is a multipurpose mechanical construction equipment. This one single equipment is capable of doing three different tasks at a site i.e. excavating, digging and hauling. It is one versatile construction tool which digs the site, loads, hauls and dumps the scrap thereafter. It is instrumental in preparing construction sites.

Cranes again account into the heavy construction machinery. These are used for lifting heavy materials from one place to another. Cranes form an integral part of the construction tools as these simplify the task of transporting heavy materials to and fro to a great extent.

Boring Machines
Boring machines are the machines used for the purpose of digging holes of precise diameters and depth in hard rocky surfaces or even in to metal equipments and buildings. This construction tool is used quite often at the construction sites.

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