Apr 11, 2013

What Are Various Mobile Phone Components

A mobile phone is made up of different components systematically arranged according to the type and design of the mobile set. Any mobile phone, whether it is an ordinary feature phone or a smart phone, has some important components besides mobile battery as discussed below.

SIM card Slot
Any mobile phone requires a small microchip known as SIM card for its operation. For inserting simcard, a slot is provided in every mobile phone. Some CDMA phones do not need SIM card but they apply some similar card known as R-UIM. The SIM cards are generally removable and can be placed in other hand handset. Some mobile sets come with fixed SIM cards which are not removable.

A mobile phone requires battery to work. Rechargeable mobile battery is commonly used in all handsets. It is recharged by connecting to external battery charger which in turn is connected to a power point at any place.

Memory card
Located inside the phone, a memory card or chip stores the information on the phone. It stores all data like phone numbers, names and data regarding calls made, received, and missed calls, messages received and sent and many other data that we may want to store.

Display screen
Generally located on top surface of a mobile phone, it displays all information that we search for on the screen in text and video forms. If we make a call it displays the number dialed or if we are sending message, it is displayed on the screen. Similarly, when we receive a call the phone number of the caller and name if any is displayed on the screen and when message received the message is displayed. When the mobile battery is discharged completely, the phone gets switched off and one cannot view the display unless the phone is charged again

Key pad
Key pad contains text letters, numbers, symbols and special characters. Phone numbers and text are entered with the help of these keys. Traditional keypads having 3-4 characters on single key are now largely replaced by QWERTY keypads. These days, with the popularity of touch screen phones, you can find mobile phones without key pads too.

Touch Screen
Some improved versions of mobile phone sets provide touch screen in place of key pad. Just by ouching the screen, you can enter the menu and select different options to input any data or use any mobile function.

Central processing Unit
This is the most important component of a mobile phone which is responsible for all functions of the phone. Located inside the mobile set on the rear part near the mobile battery area, it is made up of tiny circuits fixed on to the circuit board. The text and voice are changed into electrical waves by this processing unit and transmitted to the receiving end. The receiving end catches the waves through antenna and again converts it into text and voice and delivers to the receiver.

A small microphone is placed on the front bottom side of the phone, which catches the voice or sound of the speaking person and transmits it through the CPU to the receiver at other end.

There are many other components like GPS, speaker, antenna etc. in different mobile phones. Remember keeping your mobile battery recharged always to enjoy uninterrupted and enjoyable experience of your mobile phone.

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