Sep 24, 2010

What is the Importance of Online Product Catalogs?

A business selling wide range of products understands the importance of a product catalog. When your business gets listed at top business directories and b2b marketplaces, the interested buyers wish to learn more about the products and services your business offers. Product catalogs are expected to solve the purpose of providing product information in a product directory.

Besides, there are many things that make product catalogs important business entities. The digital product catalogs offer a number of advantages that are not offered even by the printed product catalogs. The following sections should help you learn the importance of a product catalog.

Displaying Products in Quality
Printed product catalogs suffer from their expensive nature. A colored catalog may add significantly to the business costs. On the other hand, digital product catalogs allow the businesses to display their product information in color, along with images and other ingredients. So, the importance of a digital product catalog lies in the fact that it displays product information in impressive quality and that too in an inexpensive manner.

Helping Buyers to Serve Their End-Users
In a b2b marketplace, wholesalers and retailers purchase products and services from the manufacturers and suppliers and sell them further to the end-users. A product catalog offered by a manufacturer further helps a buyer to serve his clients and customers in a better way. For example, a furniture seller can download and print the manufacturers’ catalogs and show them to the customers to help them make the right choice. So, product catalogs trigger a chain that offers benefits to all.

Product Information Update
The product catalogs are important as they help the manufacturers and businesses to immediately update their product information. Whenever a new product is introduced by a business, it can be easily added to the online product catalog and it becomes immediately visible to the prospective buyers.

Offline Viewing
Another advantage of product catalogs is that one can download and save them on the hard disk to view later on. In this way, the product database of a business is permanently stored with the intended buyers. And this not only helps in generating sales at present but in future as well.

Increase in Sale
It has been reported by many businesses that product catalogs ultimately lead to increase in sale. The buyers are more convinced with the product information a product catalog offers. Moreover, ordering through product catalogs help the purchasers to save god amount of money. So, more orders are received by the businesses through low-cost product catalogs.

Marketing of Other Products
Even if a buyer search for a business’s product catalog for a particular product, he comes across other products offered by the business as well. This will encourage the buyer to contact the same business if he wishes to buy other products in the future.

A product directory is a place for online marketing and product catalogs are the right marketing tools. You must design attention-grabbing and informative product catalogs that are placed at b2b marketplaces to aim at good exposure for your products and services.

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