Jan 3, 2011

Some Amazing Features of Dual SIM Card Mobile Phones

dual sim mobile phonesDual SIM card mobile phones have a count among the most admirable inventions in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. These phones serve as great solutions for the people who are in need of carrying two mobile connections. As the name suggests, these phones allow their targeted customers to lead a dual life successfully.

From the first mobile phone with dual SIM card facility to the latest models in this direction, there have been many improvements. The top mobile phone manufacturers are making the attempts to enhance the functionality of these phones by improving their features.

Among the most amazing features of dual SIM card mobile phones are the advantages that these phones offer. By having one of these phones, one can eliminate the need of carrying two mobile phones. Business people are among the mobile users who are making best out of these devices. They use one SIM card to remain connected to their friends and family and the second one to communicate with their business clients.

Roaming charges can be significantly reduced with the help of dual SIM card mobile phones. This is because one can buy a separate SIM card while being on a tour to some other state or country and use it along with the regular SIM card to avoid unnecessary roaming charges. One can use these phones to simultaneously send messages form one SIM card and to call from the second one.

The latest models of mobile phones with dual SIM functionality allow the users to switch from one SIM to another without switching off the phones. The earlier models required one to switch off the phone to transit form one SIM card to another. This clearly indicates the improvements being made in the design of dual SIM card mobile phones.

The earlier phone models with dual SIM card features had a bulkier design to accommodate additional circuitry for two SIM cards. However, the new models have managed to eliminate this drawback as they contain components with reduced size. As a result, these phones too are coming in good shape like the phones with single SIM card.

Battery life has always been an issue with the dual SIM card mobile phones. As a result, the manufacturers are coming up with better battery capacities for these phones so that they support the usage of dual SIM cards efficiently. All these improvements are expected to contribute towards growing popularity of these highly useful phones.

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