Jul 16, 2012

Why is Semi Precious Stone Jewellery So Popular?

Stone JewelleryJewellery and gemstones have been the objects of fascination since decades. The use of jewellery can be traced back to the early Egyptian civilization. Apart from precious stones, the semi precious stone jewellery is also one of the most craved jewelleries in the world.

Also known as gemstones, these stones are being used in jewellery, for decorative purposes and certain medicinal values. There are many gemstones which have unique health benefits and known to bring prosperity and wealth.

Semi Precious Stone Jewellery- Priceless Gemstones

Different types of semi precious stone jewellery are made with the use of different types of stones such as Agate, pearl, Amethyst, Coral, Opal, Topaz and so forth. There are more than hundred different types of gemstones which are semi-precious but yet exquisite. Most of these stones are popular and considered unique as it is rare.

Gemstones can be obtained from natural elements such as stones and minerals. It can also be created artificially in scientific laboratories. These fake stones appear similar to the original stones but can be differentiated by experts.

The use of semi precious stone jewellery is quite popular among both men and women. There are millions of buyers and sellers all over the world who crave these jewelleries. Various types of jewellery, which include beautiful and priceless necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and anklets, are made with exquisite gemstones.

Precious Stone Jewellery

The semi precious stone jewellery is priced according to the rarity of the stone. Though it may not be as expensive as the original stone jewelleries, today it has its own unique value. Most of these stone are hard compared to the precious stones and so do not break easily. The clarity and color of these stones are equally important. Stones with gas bubbles should not be bought as these are fake stones.

The price of the semi precious stone jewellery also depends on the way light passes through it. The purity of the stone is determined by the way light passes through the gemstones.

Gemstone earring and pendants are some of the most elegant and distinguished varieties of jewellery found in many of the leading jewellery stores. These stones are also used to manufacture custom jewellery and wedding jewelleries.

Semi precious stone jewellery is flaunted by women in most of the occasions such as weddings, social events and parties. As these jewels compliment well different types of outfit, it can be worn to accentuate the appearance of an outfit and the wearer.

Gemstones such as aquamarine and opals are distinctive with its incomparable beauty and glow. Opal jewellery is one of the most attractive and exclusive varieties of jewellery. Opal is known to change its color when exposed to light in different angles. Stone jewellery made from aquamarine is known to blend with all skin types. It is also known to possess a number of healing qualities.

With the rise in popularity of the semi precious stone jewellery, many innovative designs and patterns have been incorporated to the existing jewellery patterns. In addition to its magnificence, the gemstones are also known to possess various enigmatic powers.

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