Dec 29, 2009

Navigating The Confusing World Of Air Cleaners

Once we understand the importance of a pollution free indoor air, we all want to do everything we can to ensure that the air we breathe in our homes and office environments is clean and healthy. The good news is that there are dozens of consumer products available in the market, which can filter the air you breathe in and also reduce the presence of indoor pollutants. You can find these air cleaners are available as possible units and can be easily accommodated any where in your living room. You can also find these in the form of induct systems which are installed as party of your HVAC system stands for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The variety of air purifies may befuddle you to a great extent and it would be a difficult task for you to choose the right one. You must tale some basic categories into consideration before opting for air filtering devices. Look closely into what each group offers.

HEPA Filters: HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. It is actually a sieve that collects polluting particles and stops them from circulating in the air. These filters are very efficient and can trap nearly one hundred percent of pollutants down to a size 0.3 micron. HEPA filters are claimed the most proficient of filtration units. But, before settling down for one, you must consider certain points. A HEPA filter has to be replaced frequently. This depends upon the particular filter. The frequency with which you need to change the filter actually depends upon the cost of the model you have purchased HEPA filters can be a perfect choice if you have a small room, as they are expert in purifying smaller spaces. Placing the filter in each room may not be practical enough considering the cost of these filters. If your conditions match the terms under which an HEPA filter works then it may be a terrific choice. You would not be regretting your decision at all.

Pleated filters: These are also known as media filters. Pleated filters are quite similar to HEPA filters but are pleated or folded, and hence are less effective. It is expert in trapping large particles. If your main motive is to get rid of dust, a pleated filter is a good choice.

Electrostatic / electronic cleaners: These filters work differently from HEPA filters. An electrostatic filter consists of electronically charged plates that impart an ionic charge to floating air particles. This cause the particles are then forced through foam pre filter.

Cleaners with activated carbon: while electrostatic cleaners grab pollutants from the air, you may require a different technology to get rid of odors and invisible chemical contaminants from your living space. Cleaners with activated carbon pull these tiny molecules out of the air to keep it squally clean.

Charcoal filters: These are the perfect choice to combat unwanted odors in your home environment.

Hybrid filters: These are combination of multiple types of air filters. This is a good all-round solution ton your clean air concerns. The only thing to remember is to keep the filter clean. A dirty filter would not be able to give you the desired results.

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