Jan 5, 2010

Cell Phone Jammers Buy, Sell Offers

Trade Offers For Cell Phone Jammers

Signal Knight Technology & Trade Limited Company [China] Sell Offer

We are offering sk-15a portable cell phone jammer is the latest cell phone jammer with replaceable and rechargeable battery and internal installed antennas. This model portable cell phone jammer can form an electromagnetism protection field around the...

Posted on: 20th Dec 2009

Vecano Electronics Co. Limited [China]
Sell Offer
Cell phone jammer Disconnect linkage between cellular handset and cellular base station for all types of cellular systems.
1. Museums, Libraries, Lecture rooms, Prevent students from sms cheating, Theaters, Schools universities...

Posted on: 15th Dec 2009

Shenzhen Dezhen Telecommunication Technology Co. Limited [China]
Sell Offer
We are seller of 3g Cell Phone Jammer Dz101n with following features.
Type a:
(A)TX-Frequency:CDMA 870-880MHz
(B)TX-Frequency:GSM 935-960MHz
Type B:(A)TX-Frequency:CDMA...

Posted on: 07th Dec 2009

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