Jan 12, 2010

Centrifugal Water Pump Trade Offers

About Centrifugal Water Pump: A centrifugal pump is a rotodynamic pump that uses a rotating impeller to increase the pressure of a fluid. Centrifugal pumps are commonly used to move liquids through a piping system. The fluid enters the pump impeller along or near to the rotating axis and is accelerated by the impeller, flowing radially outward into a diffuser or volute chamber (casing), from where it exits into the downstream piping system. Centrifugal pumps are used for large discharge through smaller heads.

Centrifugal Water Pump

Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Water Pump Trade Offers:

Chongqing Yaohu Power Machine Co. Limited [China] – Sell Offer

Yhqgl65-55 2.5 Inch Four Stroke Centrifugal Water Pump:
- Recommended features:
Small, lightweight, high pressure, high lifts, range from 1.5 inch to 4 inch powered by 2 or 4 stoke ohv engine of gasoline with automatic low oil shut down guard, heavy...
Posted on: 03rd Jan 2010

Mr. Dhiya Iliawi [Iraq] – Buy Offer

Please send us quotation fob Mumbai for centrifugal water pumps, of engine 10hp and diameter of suction 6 inches in and out.
Posted on: 15th Nov 2009

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