Aug 27, 2010

Better Business Opportunities through B2B Marketplaces

The business to business marketplace is an online marketing facility offered by the internet to promote business opportunities. It is a common platform that is widely used by exporters and importers for business transactions. The B2B marketplace helps to improve trade by posing as a meeting place for suppliers, manufacturers, retail and wholesale dealers.

How Does a B2B Marketplace Help To Promote Sales?

Compare to the large enterprises, it is the Small and Medium enterprises that benefit from these online marketplaces. The business opportunities that the small industries obtain from such e-markets are wide and varied. Let us examine briefly how the online web portals help companies to improve sales and revenue.

  • Utilise advertisements as a means to obtain wide exposure: Advertisements, in its conventional form, can be very expensive. Companies are known to spend huge amounts on ads to promote their products and services but the small and medium enterprises can hardly afford to spend a large amount. Such companies can take advantage of the B2B marketplace.
  • Use of product directories and catalogs: Companies can list their products in the product directories. Each product directory has specific catalogs where the products can be listed according to their respective types. This accelerates the search process.
  • Extensive marketing: These web portals conduct extensive marketing of the products continuously. This helps to extend business opportunities by manifolds.
  • International market: With the use of such e-markets, products are also made available to buyers in the international markets. Manufacturers, buyers and sellers who visit the online marketplaces can place orders from any part of the world.
  • Reliable and authentic: Most of these web portals, that help to create business opportunities, are reliable and trusted by millions of sellers and buyers. Both time and money is saved by resorting to such e-markets.
  • Use of forums and trade leads: These online trade ventures utilize forums to build better communication between sellers and buyers. Companies can also buy trade leads through such marketplaces which will help them to improve sales and maximise profits.
  • Faster method of marketing: Listing companies in the online directories saves plenty of time. Marketing is done within a short span of time and results are obtained almost immediately.

Through the effective use of these electronic web portals, companies are able to deliver effectually to the target audience. With the inclusion of trade shows, video chats and e- newsletters, companies can accelerate their business opportunities and maximise revenue. Taking advantage of these online markets, companies can involve in commercial transactions with any number of buyers and sellers at one time.

The growing use of internet and search engines has contributed to the spurt of e- markets. These e-markets have opened a world of business opportunities for many companies regardless of their size and type. These portals prove to be an excellent tool to accelerate the pace of trade even in times of recession. This is exactly the reason why the small and medium enterprises consider these online marketplaces an integral part of their trade.

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thanks for this useful post ... we are dealing in pharmaceutical and using this business directory for new business partners.