Jan 27, 2012

Household Appliances that Are Popular among Homeowners

A modern day home is highly reliant upon different types of home appliances that aid in a variety of activities, from cleaning to cooking and entertaining. These useful household items are of great importance in the lives of homemakers as they save time and offer different types of uses.

There are many renowned household appliance manufacturers that make household appliances in different categories. Besides, they are constantly coming up with new and improved designs of various appliances. If you are starting a household appliance store, you must learn about how these appliances are classified on the basis of different factors.

First of all, the home appliances are classified as small appliances and major appliances. Interestingly, the British English describes small appliances as brown goods and major appliances as white goods. Here is a list of different household appliances classified in these two categories:
  • Small appliances or brown goods: These items include cameras and camcorders, clocks, DVD players, hair dryers and other similar items that are small in size.
  • Major appliances or white goods: These appliances include television, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave ovens and other appliances that are big in size.

The second way of classifying home appliances is one the basis of the place in the house where they are used. Here is a list of these appliances that homeowners buy for different parts of their homes:
  • Kitchen Appliances: These appliances are of great use in cooking as well as storage of foods. The main types of kitchen appliances include microwave ovens, grinders, blenders, mixers and juicers, food processors, toasters, coffee makers, electric cookers, freezers and refrigerators.
  • Bedroom Appliances: These items include entertainment appliances like televisions installed in bedroom wardrobe, wooden almirah and hair dryers placed on dressing table. Air conditioners are other appliances of use in bedrooms.
  • Bathroom Appliances: These household appliances include washing machines and cloth dryers that are of great help for homemakers. Water heaters are other appliances that are popular for use in bathrooms.

Another way of classifying home appliances is on the basis of type of use these appliances offer. Here is a list of main household appliances that homeowners buy on the basis of their usage:
  • Cleaning: The cleaning appliances consist of vacuum cleaners that not only save the time of homeowners but also ensure more efficient cleaning. Dishwasher for cleaning utensils and washing machines for cleaning clothes are also included in this category.
  • Entertainment: The entertainment appliances found in a home include television, music players, home theatres, game consoles and so on. These appliances are getting better and better with passing time.
  • Cooking: From electric cookers, induction cooker and microwave ovens to mixers, juicers, grinders and food processors, many types of home appliances aid in cooking and are popular among homebuyers.
  • Beauty and Personal Care: These appliances include items that people use to take care of their hair, skin and other similar purposes. Hair dryers, hair straightening devices and skin massagers are some of these devices.
To decide which items you should sell at your home appliances store, you must survey around and learn about the interests and needs of buyers from different sections of the society.

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