Apr 20, 2012

Air Handling Unit: What Are the Main Considerations for Buying

Air Handling UnitAn air handling unit or hair handler is used in conjunction with heating and cooling systems to condition and circulate air inside a house or a building. These units are large and complex and connect to the ductwork that collects exhausted air from inside the building and distribute the conditioned air in return.

Air handling unit manufacturers manufacture air handling units with different specifications. If you are about to start the business to sell air handlers, you must know the factors that are considered the most while purchasing these units. The following discussion should help you sell the right air handler on demand of the end-users.

Size of Air Handling Unit
The very first consideration is the size of the air handling unit. Usually, the buyers purchase air handling units to match the capacity of the place or the building to which the conditioned air will be supplied. A house will require smaller air handler than a large building. So, you must take into consideration the sizes of the air handling units that are most popular.

Place of Installation
Another factor to decide the size of an air handler is the space available for the installation. Some people prefer to install the air handling unit on the rooftop so that they don’t have to compromise any other space. However, the most common place to install an air handler is a separate mechanical room. So, the people prefer to purchase the air handler that fits in the place they wish to install it at.

Type of Application
An air handling unit used for heating system is different from the one used in the cooling and ventilating systems. The difference lies in the heating and cooling elements integrated in the unit. So, you must obviously choose the air handler according to the year round weather conditions. Or you may think of selling heating air handler in winters and cooling air handlers in summers. You can find all types of these units with different air handling unit suppliers.

Type of Units
Air handling units come in two different types:
  • Direct gas-fired air handlers that consist of a gas burner to discharge the products of combustion in the makeup air stream supplied to the building.
  • Indirect gas-fired air handlers are sealed and no combustion products are discharged within the makeup air.

So, you must offer the type of air handling unit most demanded in the regional market.

Other Factors
  • Temperature range of the environment is also considered by the buyers to purchase tight air handler.
  • Type of fans installed in the air handler.
  • Type of the casing used to protect the unit against harsh weather conditions. Also, the thickness of the casing is considered.
  • Type of filters used in the unit.
  • Finally, the air handling unit is purchased to match the size of the outdoor compression.

As a seller of air handling units, you must make efforts to choose the right air handlers that meet the requirements of end users in the market.

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