Oct 11, 2012

Types of Measuring Equipments and Apparatuses for Different Purposes

It was thousands of years ago that the people of Indus Valley Civilization came up with the earliest known measuring systems. Time, length and mass were among the quantities that these systems could measure. Since then, the mankind has constantly improved these systems and today, there are unlimited varieties of measuring equipments and apparatuses that are in use everywhere.

From temperature measuring thermometers to melting point apparatuses and water flow meter, these arrangements play a significant role in the fields like scientific research and engineering. The industrial laboratories too make use of them for the purposes like raw material testing and quality assurance. The following discussion is about some of the most common items that contribute towards the modern process of measurement.

Moisture Meter
The industrial units which use different kinds of raw materials need to test them for moisture content before any usage. Wood, for example, must have the desired level of moisture before it is utilized for the purposes like making furniture items and flooring. A moisture meter is the device used for measuring the moisture percentage in a material. These equipments are useful to ensure that the dimensions and the physical properties of the material would not be affected by the presence of moisture content.

Melting Point Apparatus
In order to understand the behavior and probable applications of different materials, one of the important things is to measure their melting points. Various designs of melting point apparatuses can be used for this purpose. Apart from the traditional analog apparatuses, the modern digital ones offer more advantages. Scientific and industrial laboratories need these instruments essentially for safe usage of different types of materials.

Vibration Meter
A vibration meter is helpful not only in the manufacturing of different tools and machine parts, but in their maintenance as well. As its name suggests, the equipment is used to measure vibrations and oscillations and a number of associated parameters like acceleration, displacement and velocity of vibrators. The most common applications include production and maintenance of power tools and inspection of motors, bearings, gears, fans, conveyors and other parts.

Flow Meters
Fluids and gases are widely used in a number of industrial applications and there is essential need to keep an eye on their flow. The flow of liquids and gases must be measured to record the parameters like speed, force, masses and volumes. Water flow meter, for example, is a popular measuring instrument for maintaining the right flow of water in residential and commercial supplies.

Common Laboratory Apparatuses
Apart from melting point apparatuses and humidity meters, it is important to mention the names of the most common measuring apparatuses that may appear small but are of great use. Some of them include test tubes, graduated cylinders, beakers, pipettes and measuring dishes. Instruments like balances and microscopes are also the widely used items in this category.

Each of these equipments and apparatuses are found in many popular designs, offering different features, sizes and capacities. Their improved and latest versions offer the procedures to take fast and convenient readings.

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