Jan 18, 2013

Plywood Surpasses Ordinary Wood in Innumerable Ways

Plywood is made of individual sheets of wood known as ply. It is fixed together with a strong adhesive and grains of wood in between. To make it a strong piece it is pressed with extreme pressure. The durability of the plywood depends on its adhesives. Though a single piece ply is not strong by itself, it is considered strong and better than ordinary wood when a number of ply is put together.

Different Types of Plywood

As more people prefer to use plywood rather than other types of wood, there is an increase in the number of plywood manufacturers. Companies have begun to produce and supply plywood of different types to meet the growing demands of consumers.

There are different varieties produced by plywood manufactures. Some of the most important and commonly used are mentioned below:

  • Marine plywood: It has the capacity to stick to surfaces easily and quickly and it is exactly the reason why it is used to build boats. It is water proof and used mainly for construction of marine products.
  • Medium density fibre core hardwood: This variety sticks easily and is manufactured by bonding pieces of wood and is therefore quite strong and can resist pressure.
  • Lumber core: One of the most expensive varieties which includes veneer and hardwood. It is used to cover surfaces.
  • Medium and high density overlay: Made out of veneer core and further coated by fibre plywood that is of medium density.
  • Melamine: Used for multiple purposes, this variety is highly stain resistant and is available in different types like course, smooth and so forth.
  • Particle board core: Made of coarse dust, it is light in weight and has a smooth surface.

Among these different types of plywood, manufacturers guarantee that most of these varieties are superior in quality when compared to the ordinary wood as it has the capacity to resist cracks, twists, wraps and seldom shrinks like ordinary wood which expands and contracts with changing climatic conditions.

With the rising demand of such products, the number of plywood manufacturers listed in the online directories is quite high. You can easily purchase your choice of material by browsing through the lists of catalogs.

Top Plywood Manufacturers

Some of the important plywood manufacturers and exporters include the Evee Commercial.Co, Krishna Plywoods, Ply Zone, Nirmal Industries, and Mihir Steel Industries.

One of the leading plywood suppliers is the Sanjivi Industries Pvt. Ltd. The others include Surya Boards, Indian Timber Products Pvt. Ltd, Sanghvi Godaji Manaji and Integral Internationals.

Due to its innumerable features, plywood is used for furniture like kitchen doors, cupboards, drawers, tables and chairs. It is quite often used for making boats as it is water resistant and strong at the same time. It can also be used for other construction purposes. Unlike wood it can be cut easily for construction purposes and does not require polishing.

Known to be highly durable and available at lower costs, most of the people opt for these varieties to enhance the appearance of their furniture.

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