Mar 18, 2013

Components of a Ladies Pedicure Kit, The New Era of Fashion

Pedicure is highly effective in relaxing and calming your entire body. Although you can receive a pedicure at a salon, it can be quite expensive. Having your own pedicure kit can save a lot of time and money, as you can have your pedicure right at the comfort of your home.

You can also make your own customized kit by knowing all the components of a ladies pedicure kit. Here is a list:

ladies pedicure kit

Nail Filer
This useful component is used for filing your nails and keeping them in good shape. You can even file your nails to give them the desired shape. Different types, materials and sizes of nail files are available in market.

Nail Cutter
An integral part of a ladies pedicure kit, nail cutter is available in different sizes and is used for trimming your nails. You can find a nail cutter made of plastic as well as stainless steel materials. Some nail cutters have a rubber handle too, which avoid the cutter from slipping. You can also choose nail cutters which have nail filer attached along.

Nail Scissors
Nail scissors are an important component of a ladies pedicure kit. These scissors are used for fitting the contours of your feet, and for simplifying the process of cutting your toe nails. Different types and sizes of nail scissors are available. Choose the one as per your nails size and necessity.

Callus Remover
This tool is used for taking away the callus on your feet. The process can be a little painful, but it is important for the beauty and protection of your feet. Callus removers have two parts; a metal part used for removing the callus, and the abrasive surface which is used for softening the rough parts of your skin.

Pumice Rock
This is a rough rock used for removing scaly skin and pores from the bottom of your feet. It is also helpful in preventing development of hardened skin and pores around the feet. Pumice rocks can be found in a variety of sizes and types. Special tools are also available which contain a combination of a pumice stone and a foot brush. This tool is often used for cleaning the soles of your foot.

Foot Spacers
This tool allows you to separate your toes while painting your nails. This allows easy application of the nail paint, and prevents the paint from spreading to other nails or skin around the nails.

Hammer Toe Razor
This is an electricity run tool used on the feet of people who have calluses and corns.

Anti-bacterial Cleaning Soap
This soap is needed to sanitize your feet and remove lifeless dirt and tissues from your feet surface.

Other than these, nail polish, nail shiner, nail paint remover, nail shaper, toe nail clipper, nail brush, cotton balls, cuticle cream and oil and a feet massager are also required to make your pedicure kit complete. With all these tools and equipments, you will be able to give your feet a perfect pedicure experience right inside your home. So, put together your pedicure kit and pamper your feet and nails with the right shape and shine for a lovely and tidy look.

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