May 16, 2013

Features and Working Mechanism of Mobile and UPS Batteries

Batteries offer back up power supply and keep the world going even during power black outs. A boon for outdoor enthusiasts in activities like camping and mountaineering, batteries have simplified the way we live for so many years now. Though batteries have an irreplaceable place in our lives, most of us seem to be oblivious of the features of the batteries and their working mechanism.

In the digital world, where everything takes place real time and computers make the lives so simple, UPS batteries have a larger than life role to play. Apart from ensuring a proper shutdown of computers, these batteries help the users to save their work and prevent the risks of power surges. It is best to select a UPS battery that is of appropriate capacity and size to meet the requirements of the users. Some of the other features to be considered while purchasing an inverter battery include the manufacturer and the backup time. An ideal UPS battery should protect the electronic gadgets from power surges and sudden Blackouts and voltage fluctuations, which could damage the products.

Mobile Phone Battery

Features to Consider
Ideally a UPS unit should be able to filter disruptive line noise, stabilize brownouts and prevent power surges. Though most of the UPS batteries can ensure all these, there are also quite a few units, which are designed to address only certain issues.

A UPS system is connected through a circuit that is designed for noise and surge suppression. During power blackout, an inverter converts the stored power in the battery to the normal alternating current and it switches back to AC power mode once the power is restored.

The line interactive UPS system is designed to regulate the high or low voltage fluctuations and to safeguard the costly electronic gadgets from power fluctuations. In the online uninterrupted power supply there is no transfer switching time as during a power breakdown, the power is restored through the inverter which remains on throughout.

UPS Battery

Know the Cell Phone Batteries
Mobile phones are no longer a luxury but a necessity in the present world as it cuts down the geographical distances and help people from around the world to freely interact. However this useful gadget might slip into the snooze mode once its battery dies off. Hence it is important to choose a mobile battery with care

Mobile Battery Buying Tips
There is a range of mobile phone batteries in the market and the quality of the batteries largely depend on the technology and material used to make the mobile phone.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries were the first generation batteries for mobile phones. These are rechargeable and handy and ensure an effective performance. However the memory effect, which results in stopping the battery even if it slight residual power is one of its greatest drawbacks.

The Nickel metal Hybrid (NiMH) battery, where the toxic chemical of cadmium was eliminated from its constituents is another type of mobile battery. Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer) batteries are the latest editions in the series, which are used in smart phones. Apart from ensuring a nonstop performance, these batteries are free from the ill effects of its earlier models.

To know more information about cell phone batteries, B2B market places are the right places to be in. Apart from interacting with the battery sellers and dealers, these platforms also help the customers to know more about the promotional deals and events too.

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