May 22, 2013

Understanding Dairy Products Production and Consumption

Dairy products and bakery products industries are among those that help businesses to obtain easy and fast returns. This is one reason that production of these products has never gone down. As these products are items of frequent consumption, their production always balances their consumption.

You can have a look at the dairy and bakery industry statistics of any part of the USA and you will find some interesting facts. Not only in the USA, the production and consumptions statistics related to these two industries complement each other very well. Here is a discussion that elaborates this fact further.

Bakery And Dairy Products

Some Statistics to Start With
The statistics of dairy products in the northwest region of the USA for the year 2008 state that more than 25 billion lbs of milk was produced in the region. Among the 8 states comprising of this region, Idaho stood at number four while Washington at number 10 across the country in terms of milk production. These statistics establish the fact that milk and dairy products are of high demand in different parts of the country.

Likewise, there are equally impressive statistics regarding the bakery products industry. For the year 2008, it was anticipated that the bakery market in the country would grow by 2.1 percent. However, the actual growth of the industry was recorded to be 7 percent. While the sales of fresh bread were recorded to surpass the value of $6.6 billion, the frozen breads, rolls and biscuits were sold for the worth of $545 million. One can expect these statistics to grow consistently over the next many years.

Reasons for the Balance
The production of dairy and bakery items balances their consumption and this happens due to a number of reasons. The very first reason is that there has been a rise in the export of these products. This has made it possible for consumers of one country to consume products prepared in different countries. As a result, the exotic varieties of these products are available to global level consumers.

Another good reason is that manufacturers of these products have become highly conscious of producing healthy products for consumption. Consumers of these products look for healthy options in the categories of dairy and bakery products and manufacturers are coming up with innovative and healthy ideas for the same. For example, the use of whole grain over processed grain has increased for making breads over all these years.

Bakery and dairy products are items of daily consumptions and they are liked by people from all age groups. Moreover, these items form an inseparable part of different types of celebrations and parties. For example, ice creams, cheese, cake, pastries and many other similar items from these food categories are popular for serving during parties.

All these reasons account for the balance in demand and supply of products from dairy and bakery industries. One can expect this balance to maintain in the future as well. Those willing to start a business in any of these two categories should expect a great deal of profit through good business planning.

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