Jul 16, 2010

Bridal Sarees: The Most Cherished Attire In Woman’s Wardrobe

Down the ages, women have always been entranced by the concept of beauty. Though there are many embellishments to enhance the beauty of a woman, nothing compares to the traditional Indian wear which is known as the saree. Sarees have adorned many beautiful women and are so popular that even well known celebrities flaunt them at international functions.Wedding is one of the most important functions in a woman’s life. These days, brides are keen to project a confident image on their wedding day by a complete and thorough planning of their attire and jewellery. The bridal saree is often the limelight of any wedding ceremony. For this reason, brides take care to choose the finest bridal sarees to appear gorgeous.

Sarees have been an epitome of the Indian tradition and culture. The Indian markets are flooded with a variety of bridal saree collections. These collections include millions of designer sarees in the form of bridal wear. The bridal sarees are available in an assortment of colors and intricate designs. In India, brides usually adorn pink or red colored sarees on their wedding. This is a traditional practice which has been followed religiously by many generations. However, wedding sarees can be availed in different enticing colors such as lavender, yellow, orange, blue etc. Most of the women love to flaunt designer sarees on wedding ceremonies and other social functions. Designer footwear and bridal sarees have become the order of the day. The designer sarees are enriched with mirror work, intricate embroidery work, rich zaris etc. These bestow an ethereal appearance to the wearer.

In India, women love to wear silk sarees which are also available in a wide variety of choices. In South India, a wedding ceremony usually witnesses women flaunting beautiful silk sarees of different colors. Most of the Indian bridal sarees are designed in silk. The Banarasi and the Kanchipuram silk sarees top the list of the favourite bridal sarees of Indian women. The Mysore silk sarees, which have beautiful and bold prints, appear exquisite. The Kashmiri silk sarees, which are popular for its elegance and striking embroidery, are worn by the brides of the Marwari community. Sarees are draped in a totally unique and different style in South India. These sarees are longer by nine yards and their bridal collections include yellow and red colored silk sarees. In Kerala, the traditional saree includes the rich Kasavu saree which is a cream colored saree with a golden zari work.

Ranging from georgettes to cotton and crape, bridal sarees are found in enormous varieties. The prices of the wedding sarees vary according to their designs and fabric. The silk sarees of the south are known to be the most expensive sarees as these sarees are woven in pure gold. Previously, wedding sarees had heavy embroideries and designs which made it quite a task for the brides to wear it but now wedding sarees have become lighter and softer. The elegance of a wedding saree is depicted on the ‘pallu’ of the saree which is draped over the shoulder. Nowadays, bridal sarees can be bought online too.

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