Nov 21, 2011

Lamp Shades- Beautiful Varieties to Brighten Your Home

Lighting is an important aspect that creates a beautiful ambience. Different colors of lights can be used to create various moods. Ever since olden days, lamps have been lit to create an aura of magnificence and serenity. Today different types of lights are being used to enhance the décor of a room. To further accentuate the aura of lights, lamp shades of various varieties are being used extensively in homes, restaurants and corporate offices.

Different Types of Materials Used For Lamp Shades

Lamp shades have the power to transform any ordinary appearing light to a magnificent decorating accessory. These shades are available in a huge variety of designs, shapes, colors and sizes.

Lamp Shades

Various materials are also used for manufacturing these shades such as glass, paper, pleated fabrics, linen, and porcelain. Exclusive appearing shades made of porcelain, glass and stone are quite expensive but elegant. Shades made of plain paper and translucent paper can also be chosen to amplify the beauty of your room.

An Alluring Variety of Lamp Shades

With such an array of shades available in the markets today, choosing one that suits and accentuates the décor of your home will not be that difficult. Some of the exclusive varieties include the following:

Glass Shades: one of the most elegant and graceful shades include the glass lamp shades which can be found in innumerable designs. The most popular designs include the classical and antique designs. But today the need for stylish and modern outlook has prompted designers to blend contemporary and classical designs to form unique shades. Glass shades are known for its fragility though it possesses incomparable beauty. The various types of glass shades include the ball glass shade, the tulip glass shade, stained glass shade and the reverse painted glass shades.

Designer Lamp Shades

Antique Shades: the beautiful antique lamp shades bear an uncanny resemblance to the shades used in the Victorian Era. Made of silk, velvet or satin, these shades are exquisite and charming. These shades also include frills and beads which further beautify it. The antique shades are mostly customised and handmade.

Mica shades: these lamp shades are one among the most widely found shades which are still used on table lights, chandeliers, wall and floor lamps. These shades are more suitable for wooden lamps and to enhance the décor of a home with rustic furniture. These shades are also available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Tiffany shades: known for its undefined beauty, the tiffany shades include different pieces of glass soldered together with a copper border around the glass. Earlier, these shades were made into different shapes such as flowers, animals and forms of nature. A huge variety of these shades can be bought from many of the reputed online stores.

Besides the above mentioned lamp shades, there are many more types of shades which include the brass shades, handmade shades, wooden shades, handcrafted shades, crystal shades and so forth. Some of the other popular shades which can also be bought online include the fancy shades, glass beaded shades and the aluminium shades.

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