Nov 21, 2011

Most Important Industrial Uses of Glass Bottles

Glass bottles have a wide range of utilities compared to the other packaging products. Glass recycling and reuse has a number of environmental advantages. There are a huge number of industries which use bottles made of pure glass for packaging different types of products. In comparison to plastic and other materials, glass is one of the safest and purest forms of storage material which hardly contains any type of chemicals.

Various Uses of Glass Bottles

Unlike the earlier days, glass bottles are used for a variety of useful purposes. Today there are over a hundred industries which use bottles for packing and storing products. The advantageous qualities of these bottles have led to its increased usage in most of the industries these days.

Available in different shapes, sizes and colors, the glass bottles have over a million uses. In addition to being used for decoration and other home uses, it has a wide number of industrial purposes too.

Used in laboratories: Glass bottles are widely used in scientific and medical laboratories for many purposes. It is used for the purpose of storing blood samples. Vial and bottles made of glass is widely used in labs and health centres which further accelerate its demand. The use of reagent bottles which is also a form of laboratory glassware is another notable usage of bottles made of glass.

Perfume industries: Another notable usage of these bottles is in the perfume industries. Bottles of different sizes and shapes are used for storing perfumes. There are a number of online stores that sell a huge variety of bottles which have beautiful designs and gloss finish. Most of these bottles are durable and leak proof.

Showpieces: Glass bottles are also used as showpieces in restaurants and hotels. Known as bottle decenters, these bottles are made of pure and high grade glass material. It is considered to be an epitome of remarkable craftsmanship. These decenters are available in different shapes and sizes. Today it is even used for adorning homes as it accentuates the beauty of your rooms.

Cosmetic industry: Another industry which uses glass bottles is the cosmetic industry. Different types of nail lustre bottles and a variety of skin care products are stored and sold in differently shaped bottles.

Beverages: Glass bottles are also used for storing beverages and liquors. Today the liquor bottles are manufactured with a number of features which include high UV protection, light weight and easy to clean.

Pharmaceuticals: An assortment of bottles with different shapes, sizes and colors are used by the pharmaceutical industries for storing various liquid and semi liquid items. Most of the medicinal bottles are made of pure glass.

Chemical industries: Bottles made of glass is also used in various chemical industries for storing various types of chemicals for agricultural purposes.

Mineral water bottle: It is also used for storing mineral water as it one of the purest packaging forms.

Glass bottles are also available in the form of fancy bottles to store various types of liquids. There are online store which offer customised bottles at realistic price rates.

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