Apr 27, 2012

Induction Cookers Versus Conventional Cookers

The innovative cooking concept using an induction cooker has a number of benefits over conventional cooktops. An induction cooker combines the simplicity and rapid heating quality of electric stoves with responsive temperature control. Unlike conventional cooktops that make use of a gas element or a heating coil, the induction cookers utilize magnetic energy for cooking. Induction cookers make use of induction heating to generate heat directly in the cookware without any need of warming the burner.

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The following sections discuss some of the main benefits of induction cookers:

Adjusting the Cooking Heat
The induction cooker manufacturers design these cooktops with controls for instant heat adjustments. By adjusting the cooking heat instantly and with great precision, one can enjoy some serious cooking with induction cookers. Cooking heat increments in an induction cooker are fine enough to achieve as low a cooking-heat level as possible.

Energy Efficient
Induction cookers are energy efficient cooking appliances as they utilize maximum amount of heat generated to cook the food. An easily established fact is that with conventional cooking only about 40 percent of the generated heat contributes towards cooking. On the other hand, more than 80 percent of the heat generates in an induction cooker is utilized for cooking.

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No Heated-up Surroundings
Conventional cooking leads to kitchens and burners turning hot due to a good fraction of the cooking heat wasted to the surroundings. Induction cookers on the other hand keep the stovetops and kitchens cooler by utilizing more of the cooking heat to cook the food. The arrangement makes cooking a good experience for the cook.

Safety Features
Induction cookers consist of a number of safety features that reduce the cooking accidents to a good extent. The induction cooker suppliers should demonstrate these safety features at the time of purchase. Some of the safety features are discussed below:
  • Plastic utensils are safe to be used on an induction cooker. As no heat is supplied at the bottom of the plastic cookware, there is no possibility of them to melt and cause any accident.
  • Fire accidents caused due to dropping or spilling on the stovetop are significantly reduced, as the burner itself is not heated in the process.
  • Most of the induction cookers come with automatic feature that shut off the cook top in case the oil in the cookware starts reaching its ignition temperature.
  • Burns due to directly touching the stovetops are reduced as well. This feature is of great significance if you have children at home.
  • Even if a child manages to reach the induction cooker and turn it on, the cooking heat doesn’t become active until and unless a cooking utensil is placed on it.

Other Advantages
An induction cooker is easy to install and looks attractive from outside. The homes with no gas pipelines make use of electricity to have clean and efficient cooking advantage with induction cookers. Finally, it is easy to clean the induction cooker and maintain its performance for long.

Induction cookers heat the food more evenly and ensure that sensitive and expensive foods are cooked carefully. All these benefits make them superior over conventional cooking appliances and methods.

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Buyers and sellers said...

Induction hob is a large electro magnet, that turns on and off 25k times a minute,
This heats the pan (So long as the pan is magnetic, glass and aluminium will not work)
by moving the molecules of say iron in steel pans 25k times a minute this is friction. As this induction hob operates slightly differently to a traditional hob, some adjustments to the expected cooking times and temperatures may be necessary to achieve the desired results.