May 30, 2012

Medical and Scientific Measurement & Measuring Apparatus

Measuring EquipmentsStandard measuring instruments used for scientific and medical purposes are available in different sizes and dimensions. Most of the scientific laboratories have different types of measuring apparatus used for specific purposes. Depending on the area of expertise, these instruments may vary.

Various Types of Measuring Apparatus

Balance instrument: Different types of balance equipments are used to weigh things with accuracy. The triple beam balance scale is one of the most popular balancing instruments used in scientific laboratories. Measuring electrical devices like electric postal scales are also used to weigh and measure. The tubular spring scale is another instrument used to weigh objects.

Temperature: The Galileo thermometer is used to measure temperature in a laboratory. It is quite different from the standard mercury thermometer. Alcohol thermometer or the spirit thermometer is another variety of thermometer that is used to measure low temperature. Today different types of digital thermometers are also available in most of the online and offline shops.

Angles: One of the most important measuring tools in a scientific laboratory includes the Theodolite. It is also known as the Altimeter. It is used to measure both vertical and horizontal angles.

Viscosity: There are specific measuring instruments designed to measure the viscosity of liquids. The U-tube viscometer or the Ostwald viscometer is the most important instrument used to measure liquid viscosity.

Length: Micrometers are used to measure the length in scientific experiments. It is available in different models and designs.
The instruments and equipments used in the medical field are quite different from the equipments used in scientific laboratories, although there are similar equipments.

Calipers: It is mostly used to measure the amount of fat present in the human body. It appears like a pair of tweezers. It is used to squeeze the hips of the person to evaluate the loss or gain of fat in the body.

Measuring tape: It is commonly used in the medical field to measure the human body which includes biceps, chest, stomach or any other part of the body.

Scales: Regular weight scales are used by doctors to check the body weight of a person. There are digital weighing machines with advanced features which are used by health practitioners and doctors.

Apart from these above mentioned equipments, there are various other types of instruments used in medical and scientific fields for different purposes.

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