May 24, 2012

Indian Bridal Wear: Celebrating Grandeur

Indian bridal wears are known for its rich fabric and highly skilled craftsmanship for designing. Shimmer, sparkle and brightness are the very essentials of an Indian bride’s dress. Since India, the country in itself, homes diverse cultures and traditions, the bridal wear too differs as per the various cultures. Basically, there are three main Indian dresses which form the alternative bridal wear with regard to the different states and traditions, those are, Lehenga, Sari and Salwar Kameez. All these three dresses are discussed in detail as under:

Designer Indian Bridal Wears

Lehenga is the most favored Indian bridal wear amongst Indian brides. It is technically, a set of three pieces namely, lehenga (a long skirt), choli (a bustier or close fitted corset top) and dupatta (a veil). All these three pieces put together form a magnificent bridal dress. The entire dress is handcrafted with the choicest of embroideries, gems and stones. Skilled artisans and professional embroiders are hired exclusively for crafting beautiful Lehengas. It is a grand attire which makes a bride look absolutely distinct from every other female present at the wedding ceremony.

Designer Indian Bridal Wears

Sari as everyone knows, is an integral part of the Indian dresses, it also invariably, makes an important part of the Indian bridal attires. A bride draped in a Banarasi saree or Kanjivaram sariee looks extremely attractive and elegant. Interestingly, the color choices and bridal sari styles differ from state to state like South Indian brides typically wear white Kanjivaram saris with golden borders while Maharashtian brides wear green silk saris carrying beautiful zari embroideries. A simple sari can be draped in a variety of interesting styles and forms thus, maintaining the tradition as well as adding an innovative dimension to the relatively regular attire. One can experiment with the blouse and the sari patterns for example; now-a-days one can find a bridal sari in a set of two different but complementing fabrics to drape it in a lavish style.

Designer Indian Bridal Wears

Salwar Kameez
Salwar Kameez is generally worn by Punjabi or Muslim brides. Bridal salwar kameez is heavily embroidered and the fabric used for it is a lot more rich and accentuating than the regular salwar kameez. The variations apart from design patterns can be done in terms of the salwar which can be tailored in patiyaala or churidars.

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