May 24, 2012

Overview of Hydraulic Press & Hydraulic Equipments

Hydraulic & Pneumatic EquipmentsHydraulic press is basically a machine that functions with the help of the pressure exerted on fluids to mould or crush any type of metallic object. The hydraulic metal press machines are used widely in various manufacturing fields due to its innumerable features. It is considered to be reliable and versatile compared to the mechanical press machines. Moreover, it can produce high quality goods at low price rates.

Better Performance

The hydraulic press machines or lifting equipments can operate at a higher level as it is power-driven by a hydraulic motor. It can therefore produce more force compared to the mechanical press. It has great precision as most of the modern systems are computerized which expedites the process of production. The positioning of the metals is controlled by computers.

In comparison to the mechanical press machines, it is quite versatile. It can be used to manufacture different types of metallic materials. Modern machines have advanced features which include positioning of the metals in the machine, adjusting the amount of power delivered to the machine and so forth. It is also quicker compared to the other types of machines.

Hydraulic press machines can mold, press, stamp and shape metals quite efficiently. As these machines can cut, shape and form metals, there is hardly any need to reshape a metal. This helps to save time and production costs.

Hydraulic press machines have total control over the power used for pressing the metals. It can be set to a smaller amount of power when lighter metals are used. Most of the advanced press machines also include fluid control features during the process of cutting and pressing metals. There are in built valves that control the flow of fluids to the machine. These valves are known as hydraulic valves and it is available in different varieties.

Hydraulic Press Machines-Types

There are various types of hydraulic press machines which are used for different purposes in different types of industries. Some of the most important types of machines include the C-frame presses, the Pneumatic presses, the Arbor presses, the Laminating presses, H-frame presses, Power presses and the Assembly presses.

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