Sep 11, 2012

Manpower Recruitment- What are Its Basic Roles and Responsibilities?

Every organisation requires skilled and trained personnel for the development of business. Products and services are designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by people so it is important to choose qualified workforce for businesses to thrive. The basic function of manpower recruitment consultants involves recruiting the appropriate workforce for the growth of a business enterprise.

With the huge development in industrial fronts, the need for better skilled and professionally oriented workforce emerged. Today there are more than a million companies that seek the advice and services of manpower recruitment consultants for various purposes. The services of such recruitment consultants prove to be beneficial for every type of business.

Basic Roles of Manpower Recruitment Agencies

Planning manpower: Every company requires an appropriate number of workforces. The staff level should neither be too high to cause loss to the company nor be too small to cause inadequacy to meet the production demands of the company. The recruitment agencies analyse the production of the company and decide the staffing levels required therein.

The manpower recruitment agencies can downsize or add to the existing workforce according to the requirements of the company. Several aspects such as existing labour force, the skills and potential of the labourers and anticipated retirements are taken into consideration before hiring new workforces.

Recruiting workforce: One of the major responsibilities and roles of the manpower recruitment agencies include recruiting the workforce. The job description is prepared according to the evaluations made by the recruiting forces. Candidates are selected according to the analysis of their education, personal traits, experience and expectations. It is the duty of the recruitment agencies to choose potential candidates who can fulfil the requirements of the concerned position.

Different techniques are adopted by the recruiting agencies to analyse and evaluate the aptitude and capability of the candidates before selecting them to the assigned posts. Recruitment involves various rounds of interviews that can help to assess the candidates from different perspectives.

Evaluation: Manpower recruitment agencies also evaluate the employees on the basis of their performance. Yearly assessments and appraisals are quite necessary for the beneficial growth of a business enterprise. Employees with potential are rewarded for their performance through yearly appraisals.

The functions of manpower recruitment agencies also include motivation of the employees through financial benefits and rewards. It is the duty and responsibility of the human resource department to cater to the needs and working conditions of the employees.

Today most of the companies avail the services of hr consultants for selecting and hiring skilled workforce. These consulting agencies are essential for developing various programs that prove to be beneficial to a company. These programs will also include reduction in expenses incurred by the company. There are various other employee services which are catered to by the human resource department.

An effective human resource department also keeps record of various in house training programs attended by the employees. Training and education are indispensable for the developing the skills of the employees which further lead to the growth of the organisation. In other words, the development of the employees is another function of the human resource department.

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