Sep 11, 2012

Spectacle Frames to Accentuate Your Personality

With such a wide variety of spectacle frames available today, choosing the right one that suits your face and complexion will not be a difficult task at all. Glass frames are known to create obvious changes on your personal image. It can enhance your features and your personality in many ways. But it is important to select frames that accentuate your looks.

Choosing the Right Spectacle Frames

Wearing eye glasses may seem like a torture for some people but with the right kind of frames, it can be transformed into a fashionable accessory that can make you stand out in a crowd. There a different spectacle frames to suit different faces. Some frames may not appear appropriate for some faces. Here are some tips that can help you to choose eye glass frames accordingly:

Color of the frames: Spectacle frames should be chosen according to the color of your complexion, hair color and eye color. People with lighter skin tone should choose dark colored frames and those with dark skin tones can choose light colored frames with dramatic shades. Metal and bright colored frames appear elegant on fair skinned people.

Shapes of the frames: Another important factor to consider while choosing spectacle frames is the shape of the frames. A variety of shapes are available to compliment the different shapes of faces, some faces are round where as some are oval, square and rectangular.

People with round faces should choose rectangular and square shaped frames as it suits them well. Any shaped frames will suit those who possess oval shaped faces. Spectacle frames are always chosen in contrast to the facial shapes. Round frames compliment those with square faces. Narrow frame styles look perfect on such faces by softening the angles.

Those with long facial shapes should choose frames that are deep and not sleek. Spectacle frames with embellishments at the temples will add to the facial features.

Frames to Enhance your Style

Spectacle frames have the power to enhance your style. Most of the professionals choose dark framed glasses to portray an air of seriousness. There are many different colors of frames available today. Colors like shiny brown compliment faces of all skin tones where as bright and bold colors like red give a strong outline to softer facial features.

Frames in gold, silver and transparent suit those with dark complexions. Warm colors like brown, beige, pastel, peach colors compliment those with fairer complexion. Those with light colored hair or grey hair should opt for warm colored frames.

There is a plethora of spectacle frames manufacturers listed in the online business portals who sell a wide variety of frames at different price ranges.

No matter what kind of eye glasses you choose, your spectacle frames should reflect your personality, your fashion sense, your face shape and complexion. Frames must be chosen according to the above mentioned factors. Even the most casual pair of frames depends on these basic factors. In addition to style, comfort is equally important. So make sure you choose frames that are chic as well as comfortable.

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